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5 Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body uses up energy at rest. People whose bodies use up energy at rest at a higher rate than others are said to have ‘fast metabolism’ and people whose bodies use up energy at lower rates are said to have a ‘slow metabolism’. Although the nature of our metabolism doesn’t determine whether or not you are going to be fat or slim, it affects the number of calories your body is able to burn at any instance. This means if your metabolic rate is slower, you actually need fewer calories to get fatter and vice versa.

Your metabolic rate is determined by your genes and the levels of some of your hormones, e.g. thyroid hormone and the adrenocortical hormone. However, it is also, to an extent, affected by what you eat and how you live. This is because when your body is made to do more work, it ends up using energy faster than when it has less work.

Therefore it is possible for you to either accelerate or to slow down your metabolism by what you eat and how you live. Some foods which slow down your metabolism include:



Sugar is easily broken down by the body and causes a sudden increase in glucose when taken in. This reduces the work your body has to do and basically slows down your metabolism.



Fats are important for children and adolescents because they are firstly the basis upon which most of the sex hormones are built and they are secondly a high energy source (excess energy i.e. ATP is stored as fat in your body). By providing your body with a burst of almost raw energy, you reduce the work it has to do for itself thereby slowing your metabolism.

3.Refined Carbohydrates

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates such as white bread are not only a source of high-calorie carbs, they are also a source of easily broken down carbs. Easily broken down carbs release energy without making the body really work for it. This means the body is gaining more energy than it needs without using up any of the energy it had before, and this slows down your metabolism.

4.Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Although sea salt is said to taste better in meals, iodized salt is important regardless of your age (be careful though, you can have too much iodine) because it is important for your thyroid function. A well-functioning thyroid maintains your metabolic rate while a thyroid lacking iodine would ultimately slow down your metabolic system. It is no wonder symptoms of hypothyroidism include excessive weight gain, inability to generate heat, weakness, and fatigue.

5.Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice lacks the fibers contained in whole fruits. This means you are feeding yourself with sweetness and not letting the bodywork for it. In addition, some fruits might have had pesticides used on them. These pesticides also further poison your metabolic system and lead to its slowing down.


The workings of your body can be affected by what you do. It is important to eat healthily and exercise regularly to maintain an adequate metabolic rate.

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