3 Simple Daily Physical Activities For Better Mental Well-being

The fact that a certain level of physical activity is a requirement for a healthy lifestyle is common knowledge. It not only helps in controlling weight, combating health conditions and diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, it also helps by stimulating various brain chemicals that reduce stress, improve moods, boost confidence levels and self-esteem. So here are five simple exercises you can do every day to improve your mental well-being and give you a higher quality of life.

1. Housework


Ever wondered the real reason women live longer than men on average? It’s because they do housework! (Okay, maybe not). Housework requires a lot of focus that occupies the mind and eliminates stress. In addition, it involves a lot of movement that include muscle contraction which promotes calorie burn.

2. Gardening


The therapeutic benefits of gardening are numerous: it quiets the mind, eliminating stress and signs of depression and other symptoms of poor mental well-being. Also, gardening involves movements like weeding, digging and planting, which require strength and stretching and so improves overall blood circulation and increase blood supply to the brain which increases brainpower, among its numerous benefits. So try to incorporate gardening into your daily life’s activities and reap the mental and physical benefits.

3. Walking


This is something that comes naturally to us, humans. Walking increases the concentration of the chemical in the brain that moderates the brain’s response to stress (nor-epinephrine), thus helping you to deal with it better. It also boosts the brain’s happy chemical, endorphin. This hormone triggers happiness and euphoria, thereby lightening mood and improving mental well-being. So put on your walking shoes and get going!

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