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4 Innovative Exercises for Weight Loss

Did you know that if you do the same workout routines or the same exercises week after week or month after month, your body adapts or gets used to those exercise and therefore you can’t burn as much calories or get good fitness result from your efforts? This is why it is very important to change up your training routine every week or two.

So, here are four innovative weight loss exercises that you have likely never tried before:

  1. Break Dance Push-Up

break dance push-ups

You might think to yourself: “well I’m not really a break dancer or even a good dancer at all, so this move can’t possibly be done by me”. Well it doesn’t really matter if you are a break dancer or not, this exercise does not require you being a professional dancer. Truth is, it might not be a simple exercise to carry out but it’s a really efficient exercise towards burning fats.

  • The first thing you do is to try to get your four limbs to support you as you start a bridge position with your tummy facing the ceiling.
  • Next, try to elevate one of your legs whilst your other leg still supports your body, begin to slowly push up.
  • Switch legs and repeat the process. Try 5 breakdown push-ups for each leg.
  1. Sox Squats

sox squat

The Sox Squat is excellent for forcing your body to attain proper posture and also works nearly every muscle in your body.

  • Start in a standing position with your shoulder blades squeezed back and your arms overhead and bent at a 90 degree angle. Then drop down into a seated, squatting position.
  • Next, stand and slowly straighten your arms as you stand.
  • The most important thing to do during a Sox Squat is to keep your shoulder blades squeezed back and your butt back behind you.
  • Try 10 Sox Squats, and to make them even more difficult, stand facing the wall with your toes up against the wall as you do the exercise, which will force you to keep your weight behind you.

When doing this exercise you’ll find out that this type of squat is more difficult than the regular squats that you might be familiar with.

  1. Sand Bag Jogging

running with sand bag

This exercise can look really funny when you watch someone else doing it but it’s a really effective way to burn fat and develop your muscles. Carrying weighted sand bags (15% of your body weight) while jogging or running can boost up your fat burn by up to about 12%.

All you need to do is to get a weighted vest or carrying a school bag with some books in it. Be careful not to overload, though, as this could lead to back pain.

  1. Speed up, Slow down


“Speed up, Slow down” simply refers to the pace and intensity at which we jog or run. Alternating bouts of high-intensity and low-intensity cardio has been shown to torch pounds. Really, this simple exercise is really efficient in burning fats quickly. Though it requires a lot of energy, be sure to expect an encouraging outcome at the end of the day.

Simple to carry out, all you need to do is to run as fast as you can for about a minute or less and then jog slowly for another minute. Repeat this process for about 5 or 6 times, rest and begin again. Do this for 3 sets.

There you go!

These four simple and “not so common” exercises don’t really require much materials or resources, you could be done nearly anywhere.

And always remember not to keep repeating one of these exercise over and over, week after week because once your body gets used to those exercise you can’t burn as much calories or get a good fitness result from your efforts. Good luck as you go get that body shape you’ve always wanted.

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