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Components Of A Good Running Technique

Running is a very popular and common form of exercise. Regular runners (who actually do it right) have improved flexibility, endurance, better posture and strengthened the thigh muscles. However, there are lots of mistakes that runners make (without realizing it) that restrict the benefit they could have from their workouts and in some cases even cause injuries. Here are a few components of a good running technique you need to know for safer and more effective running sessions.


1. Good Posture

This is what it all comes down to. A good posture is the foundation of a good running technique. Just like its important to maintain good posture while standing or sitting to avoid health problems and have better circulation, good posture is vital when running to avoid muscle tension and fatigue (straining some muscles and overworking some muscles). A good posture will have the spine in a neutral position.

2. Relaxation

This is also important. You don’t want to put pressure on your joints and add even more tension. Tense muscles would restrict your range of motion which would ultimately reduce the efficacy of your running technique. A good way to relax your muscles prior to a run is to have a small warm-up session.

3. Cadence or Running Rhythm

This is the number of strides you take in a minute . Every runners aim is to spend the least time on the ground as possible. A common misconception is that longer strides means more speed. Shorter strides actually save more energy and put less stress on your leg muscles.

4. Breathing Motion

It is very important to breathe properly when it comes to running. An Improper breathing motion only restricts your oxygen supply which your body needs to keep your heart pumping and muscles lubricated. Experts recommend “belly breathing” for running. This is when we use our belly to breathe so as to get maximum intake of oxygen.

5.Mental focus

Running is a stress-reliever. A way to mentally unwind for most runners. However, that will not be possible without mental focus. Mental focus is necessary for injury prevention, making changes in your breathing motion and cadence.

6. Flexibility

Your muscles, joints and even tendons need to have an adequate range of motion to aid in movement and prevent injuries or muscle fatigue, tightness or stiffness. Flexibility is achieved through daily exercises or better yet stretches.


Now you know some important makings of a good running technique. Use it to prevent injuries and reap the ultimate benefits you can get from regular running. However, running is a fun sport. Remember to enjoy every minute of it.

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