Winter workout tips

It is really hard to workout during the winter, i bet you just wanna wrap yourself in a blanket and lie on the coach all day with your hot chocolate. But then you want that fit body more so you will go out into the harsh weather just to get it. It will be rough but here are some tips to make it easier.


Check with your doctor.

Schedule a meeting with your doctor before at the beginning of the winter to get any necessary medication and health advice you’ll need to be spending so much time outdoors during the winter. Especially if you are asthmatic or have other breathing problems, make sure to get a refill of inhalers or Advair, you might need those.

Layer wisely.

You do not want to catch a cold out there cause you were exposed. Make sure you are heavily clothed before heading out, that way you won’t feel the cold and it will help your body sweat more. But don’t just wear one very thick layer of clothing, it is better to wear several thin layers of clothes and peel them off one by one gradually after workout to avoid being hit at once and at full force by the cold.

Start slowly.

You are used to exercise during the summer but this is different. If you usually run for two miles in the summer try to reduce it to one mile at the beginning of winter and ease into it slowly. You can even warm up indoors before going out to avoid sprains or straining your muscles, jump rope is a good way to warm up.

Take warmer routes.

Avoid running/jogging near place with a lot of ice or near water, take routes with less ice. You do not want to expose yourself to biting winds and risk frost bite

Avoid early workouts.

If you are someone who like to work out early in the morning, try not to do it on days that it is really cold in the morning. Wait for the day to warm up before going out. Exercising in the afternoon when the sun is out is best.

Wear breathable fabrics.

When you work out you sweat, if you are wearing really thick and tight clothes your sweat will build up around your body and make you feel colder. Choose wind-repellent fabric.

Working out in the cold is very rewarding because your body is forced to work harder in order to combat the cold so you end up burning more calories. Just take precaution as to not risk your body’s health in the process.

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