5 Yoga Poses For Relaxation

Everyone needs relaxation, and for every workout, there should be a corresponding cooling down exercise, especially for cardio and strength training workouts. Many people cringe at the thought of stretching out their muscles at the end of a workout session, wondering why the muscles should be stretched after a long workout. Some people complain about the lack of time, and for some others, it’s just ignorance.

Stretching the muscles, after working out, is vital; it keeps you nice and flexible, and also prevents cramps and any kind of pain or injury after workout sessions.

Below are 5 yoga poses for relaxation or cooling down

1. Child Pose

 Child pose

This pose helps to cool down the body. Start from a kneeling position; knees firmly together. Rest your buttocks on your heels and let your back be aligned straight. Exhale; bend forward till your forehead touches the floor and try not to lift your buttocks off your heels while you do this. Place your arms on the floor, far ahead of your head, with elbows off the floor. Alternatively, you can also place your arms by the sides of your feet; palms faced up. Maintain this pose for some seconds.

2. Happy baby pose

Happy baby pose

Happy baby pose helps to stretch the hips and groin, and also strengthen the torso of the body.

Lie on your back, with both knees drawn in toward the chest, and grip your feet with your hands. You can also make use of a band or strap to grip the feet better. Rest your torso firmly on the mat and gently begin to open the knees to the sides. While you open up the knees, draw the soles of your feet, gently, towards the ceiling. Keep your ankles aligned with your knees, such that your lower limbs draw a perpendicular to the floor. For a greater stretch, press your hands into your feet, and feet into your hands, equally and firmly. Remain in this pose for about 20 to 30 seconds.

3. Warrior 1 pose

Warrior 1 pose

The warrior pose is one yoga exercise that shouldn’t be excluded in the relaxation exercises as it works to stretch all the muscles, and also stabilizes the feet and knees. Stand with feet apart, about twice the width of the hips. Then, turn your left foot inwards about 40 degrees, and your right outwards, about 90 degrees. Breathe slowly, and adjust your hips towards the right and bend your right knee at 90 degrees.

Now, rest your left foot on its toes and stretch your arms upwards, such that your palms can feel each other. Turn your head toward the sky, looking at your joint palms, and at the same time, stretch your back and shoulders. Return to the original position gently and repeat the process on the other side.

4. Wide-legged forward fold pose

 Wide-legged forward fold pose

This pose works effectively on the lower part of the body, majorly on the hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs.

From a standing position, place hands on your hips and face forward. Move feet about 3 to 4 feet apart, or better still, as far as you can. Ensure your feet are parallel to one another, and toes are confidently pointing forward. Engage your core to maintain length in the spine. Exhale; hinge at the hips, while your torso folds forward and forehead is directed towards the floor. Release your arms and hands slowly towards the floor or you lock them behind you. Try to keep a slight bend in the knees for joint protection. Inhale and remain in this position for as long as you can, preferably half-a-minute.

5. Corpse Pose


The corpse pose helps to relax all the muscles of the body, and it’s best to end your relaxation period with this pose.

Lie down on your back, and keep your back, arms, and legs by your side, approximately 45 degrees away from your body. Feel relaxed as much as you can, and pull shoulders down. Relax every part of your body; from your extremities to the arms, legs, torso, neck, and head. Also, relax your face, and open your mouth a bit and eyes shut. Breathe deeply and maintain this position for about 10 minutes.



This yoga poses helps to restore workout muscles and prevent them from going through strains or cramps. Keeping cooling down with yoga poses and have a balanced healthy life.

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