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How to do the Oblique Crunch

Obliques are the muscles which run along the side of the abdomen and play a major role in stabilizing the spine,  help you bend from the s [...]

Pilates Exercises for Stretching Your Spine

Pilates are used extensively to help develop flexibility and agility, but certain Pilates moves are also very effective for straightening ou [...]


The yoga stretches and their benefits are known and proven, it does not just enhance flexibility, but also builds muscle strength. They stre [...]

Dealing With Bad Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette covers a range of behaviors, from wiping the equipments after using it, to not hogging on to one machine. Some people don’t [...]

Weight Gain And Workout Tips For The Skinny Guy.

It’s generally an excuse when you say you don’t find it easy to gain muscle through exercise. We can bet anything that its the fact that [...]

5 Rules Of Gym Etiquette

Etiquette is a code of behaviour that is required in every little thing done. At the office, church, mosque, your home, the bank and even on [...]

Six Motivation Steps To Help you Get To The Gym.

Joining a gym is easy, sometimes it becomes too easy as the promises made by the gym instructors and the magazines gives you a vision of a n [...]

5 foods that cause bloating

Bloating is a condition where the abdomen feels uneasily full and gaseous, and may also be visibly swollen. Bloating is common, about 16-30% [...]

5 effective fat burning workouts

We always want the best for us when it comes to fitness and working out, and we also want the workout that burns more calories than the othe [...]
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