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8 Important Factors That Influence Your Ability To Lose Weight

If you’re looking to lose weight, then you need to come to understand that there’s more to weight loss than what meets the eye. So many people believe that obesity is only caused by overeating and so if you eat lesser food and exercise regularly, that’s all you need.
There are series of factors that can actually influence your weight loss and we’ve taken out time to put together 8 of these factors.
Below are 8 factors that immensely affect your ability to lose weight.

1. Emotions

First on the list is emotion. You should know that everything we do is driven by how we feel, especially when it comes to food. Many people use food for comfort, while others use it as a stress reliever. Most of us use food to celebrate. So when emotions arise, they might lead us to eat things that we might not want to eat under normal circumstances.
You should also know that the way we feel greatly affects the way our organs function.

2. Genetics

You’ve come to realize that your friend eats more than you do and yet manages to maintain his or her weight. No, it’s not because nature hates you! It’s simply because your genes aren’t the same.
Genetic factors greatly influence the way your body functions and this happens to be one of the things we can’t change.

3. Hormones

One of the most popularly ignored factors when it comes to weight loss is our hormones.
Many of us are out of balance when it comes to hormones and this alone can prevent weight loss, or cause weight gain. It can also cause a whole array of other issues too, so it’s important that we try to balance the effects of hormones through eating and lifestyle factors.

4. Macronutrient Intake (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats)

 Macronutrient Intake
There’s no exact right or wrong way to eat but there are certain foods that are less healthy. This is why it’s important that we learn about macronutrients and how they may impact our bodies, so we can be sure of what foods we should eat in larger quantities and those we should avoid.

5. Micronutrient Intake (Vitamins, Minerals & Phytonutrients)

Micronutrient Intak
One could say that micronutrients in a way are more important than macronutrients, considering the fact that micronutrients are responsible for aiding all the body’s metabolic functions processes. For instance, our body needs B vitamins for energy production and protein metabolism, so if we don’t get them, things start to go wrong somewhere along the chain.

6. Environment

Of course, you must have noticed by now that your environment has a strong influence on your weight. But what you probably never realized is that you are actually connected to your environment in a more intimate way than you think. All of the cleaning products, self-care products, and other household products in our environment are absorbed by us in one way or another. We’re also subject to electromagnetic frequencies in our modern age and these can affect our metabolic processes too.

7. Relationships

We’ve already established that our emotions greatly influence our weight. Everyone knows that relationships have a direct impact on our emotions and happiness and this, in turn, influences our choices of foods and lifestyle in general. Poisonous relationships can poison our health.

8. Exercise Habits

 Exercise Habits
The regularity of your workout routines influences your metabolism, your hormones, your emotions, and your physique. The human body was made to move for a reason and so when we fail to move it regularly, it can bring up many complications.


Weight loss is not just centered on eating less and exercising more. We’re sure that this article has been an eye-opener to some of these factors that are influencing your ability to lose weight.

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