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5 Common Fitness Habits Preventing You From Reaping Maximum Results

We all have various habits, some of which are good and others that are really bad for us. It won’t be wrong to say that your diet can literally make or break you. Setting good habits from the start can save you of a lot of frustration and wasted time down the road.
Some people might actually have good reasons as to why they have these habits, but the truth, however, is that these habits hinder you from reaping maximum results from your weight loss or fitness efforts.
Here are some of the habits that you definitely need to reconsider, if you want to improve your results:

1. Avoiding exercise due to sore muscles

 sore muscles
You’ve most likely at some point experienced muscle soreness, due to a new or vigorous workout that you’ve been doing. This is called DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness).
You might think that the next right thing to do is to curl up and rest your sore muscles. However, research has shown that exercise involving lighter resistance can help provide acute relief similar to that of massage.
So instead of sitting at home and relaxing, try exercising with lighter resistance, that way you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

2. Ignoring severe pain

 Ignoring severe pain
You’ve probably heard the popular slogan “no pain, no gain”. This, however, doesn’t apply to fitness. When you feel pain while working out, it’s your body’s way of transmitting a message to you and you must never ignore that at any point in time.
Pushing through pain can result in hard-to-heal injuries, so always listen to your body. Pain can signify that you’re doing an exercise incorrectly, so make sure to pay attention to your form.

3. Staying within your comfort zone

comfort zone
In as much as you don’t necessarily need to feel the pain to know that you’re achieving something, that doesn’t mean that you should do your workout without any variety or a new challenge.
If you’re that person that is used to doing one type of exercise, within the same time duration and the same number of reps, your body will quickly adapt and plateau, thereby preventing you from reaping maximum results.
As a general rule, as soon as an exercise becomes too easy to complete, you need to increase the intensity and/or try another exercise to keep challenging your body.

4. “Machine hopping” without a plan

Machine hopping" without a plan
Inasmuch as jumping from one machine to another automatically prevents your body from adapting to any particular routine. It’s also important to note that you need to develop a sound strength base before you can build on it. Jumping around doesn’t allow for that.
To deal with this situation, make sure you maintain a certain amount of consistency to start and stick with a particular routine for four to six weeks to develop a solid base. Once your fitness and strength increases, you can give yourself more leeway to try some other things.

5. Avoiding strength training

strength training
Many people tend to think that strength training causes you to “bulk up” like some of these action-movie actors. This is emphatically not true. Strength training has a lot of benefits that have nothing to do with bulking up and all whatnot.
For example, weight-bearing exercises, like resistance or strength training, can go a long way to prevent the brittle bone formation and can help reverse the damage already done. It also has brain-boosting side effects, which can help you avoid age-related dementia. And these are just some of the few benefits of strength training.


After reading this, don’t just stop there. Try putting it into practice and you can be sure of seeing encouraging results very soon.

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