7 Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

Wash your feet

Diabetes has well known effects of several important organs and tissues in the body such as the kidneys, heart, nerves and liver. But few people know that this disease could also have severe, long term effects on the feet as well. In fact, if proper care is not taken, your feet may develop complications that may only be resolved by partial or complete amputation.

Over time, diabetes can cause you to lose sensation in your feet, and when this happens, you could easily get cut or injure your feet without even realizing it and thus neglecting to treat the injury properly, and leaving them at risk of developing infections. Diabetes can also prevent your feet from healing properly after an injury, by inhibiting blood flow in the feet.

Given the potentially severe effects diabetes could have on your feet, if you’re struggling with this, you should probably read on to see the seven important steps you can take to protect your feet against further complications.

1. Wash your feet on a daily basis

Wash feet


It is important that you wash your feet regularly, to avoid any form of infections, since that part of your body might be more vulnerable due to the irregular flow of blood and numbness. Make sure to use warm water and not hot water. When you’re done washing, be sure to carefully wipe them dry, paying careful attention to the area between your toes.

2. Keep the skin smooth and soft

Smooth skin

Dry skin has a tendency to develop cracks and these will provide a potential breeding ground for fungi or bacteria, which is something that you particularly do not want if you have diabetes. To avoid developing dry and cracked skin, you should take care to wash and oil your feet on a daily basis.

While washing your feet, though, do not make the mistake of letting your feet soak in water for too long, as this could actually make them dry. After washing your feet, you should always apply some lotion, being careful to avoid using too much on the area between your toes, as this could also promote infection.

3. Trim your toe nails regularly

Triming toes

Using nail clippers, trim your toe nails regularly, to avoid them growing into your skin after it’s been washed and cleaned. If you’re having any trouble clipping your toenails, perhaps because they’ve grown too long and hard, you might want to consider paying a visit to an amanicurist or nail technician that you trust.

4. Wear shoes and socks at all times

Wear socks

It easier for your feet to get cut or develop blisters, which will expose you to infection, when you walk barefoot than when you have your feet protected with shoes or socks. Just make sure that you always chose a pair of clean socks, and shoes that are not too tight for your feet.

5. Protect your feet from heat and cold

Protecting feet from cold

Be careful to always wear socks when going to bed, if you’re in the cold season. Avoid using cold or hot packs on your feet. Keep your feet away from fire and don’t walk around when the sun is too hot.

6. Aid the blood flow in your feet

Aiding blood flow in peace(fish pose)


It is important that blood keeps flowing in your legs, feet and toes, and you can achieve this by regularly do the range of motion exercises. Also, avoid putting on tight socks, shoes or anything else that will compromise the flow of blood around your legs and feet, and when you sit down, try elevating your legs.

7. Treat your diabetes by exercise and eating well.

Eating well

Take your daily exercise as serious as you can and also make sure to adhere to the diet plan that your doctor may have prescribed for you. It is also important to have proper sleep, avoid eating late at night and make sure that your stress levels are kept in check.


Taking care of your feet might be difficult for you to do on your own, especially if you’ve already started experiencing foot problems. So it is important that you schedule regular appointments with your doctor, to make sure your feet stay healthy.

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