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7 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights in Dubai

Lifting weights for women trying to get into shape and lose weight is a great idea and we think women in Dubai should try it. Women all over the world are already breaking free from the stereotype that women should not lift weights for fitness and weight loss, and are certainly reaping the rewards.

Perhaps you’re reading this and you think we’re crazy for suggesting you should lift weights; you’ve probably heard that lifting weights makes women look manly and other such myths. Well, we’ve dealt with those in a previous article and you can read all about it here: http://www.trainer.ae/articles/7-muscle-building-myths-for-women-1867

Moving on, we are specifically advocating for a group of exercises known as resistance training. Resistance training, in the most simplified terms, is exercise that involves the contraction and expansion of muscles in resistance to external force, with the effect of strengthening those muscles.

Here’s why we think this is a good idea for women in Dubai:

Weight gain

  1. Gain Good Weight

The term weight loss can be something of a misnomer; when most people use it what they really mean is fat loss. This is important to clarify because a weight lifting program will make you gain muscle which is actually heavier than fat so when you step on the scale your numbers might actually be going up instead of down. Do not panic though, muscles are what we like to call good weight and increased muscle mass will be one of the core indicators that your resistance training is effective.


  1. Resistance Training Burns Fat

Stronger, denser muscles will help to speed up the body’s metabolism and burn fat even when at rest (that’s why we call it good weight). This is one key difference between cardio and resistance training; when you do cardio alone, the body burns both fat and muscles so you might lose weight but without really getting into shape. On the other hand, resistance training builds muscle, which always looks good, and burns fat. You could also consider combining some elements of cardio and resistance training for maximum weight loss and fitness benefits.

Resistance Training

  1. Resistance training does not make women bulk up

This is one of those pesky myths that simply won’t go away but we’re going to do our best to put it to rest. Everyone requires significant amounts of testosterone to growth significant muscle mass and women just don’t have that much testosterone. In fact the average woman doesn’t even have anywhere close to half the amount of testosterone required to grow really manly looking muscles, so you can go ahead and pump as much iron as you can handle, in the knowledge that it will be good for you and you certainly won’t end up looking like Brienne of Tarth (from the series, Game of Thrones).

Joint Protection

  1. Joint protection

Resistance training such as push-ups and squats are good for the joints in the body. These fall into a sub-class of resistance training called compound training. Joints benefit from this kind of training as it helps to improve bone density. On the other hand, exercises like running take a very heavy toll on the knees due to the repeated shock of impact and could lead to significant injury or complications particularly as people get older.

Running indoors on the treadmill could minimize this risks but resistance training is still the way to go as far as joint health is concerned.

Improved Heart

  1. Improved Heart Health

Resistance training is good for the heart and people who engage in resistance training will have decreased heart rates and blood pressure when at rest. Basically, resistance training makes the heart stronger and more efficient.

Less Demanding

  1. Less demanding

When compared to typical cardio exercise such as running and cycling, resistance training can be performed in shorter periods and with less sustained energy consumption. Typically a resistance training routine will also involve comparatively frequent rest periods which makes it easier to perform. The caveat to this is that resistance training is not very good for stamina development so if you participate in sports or any activity which requires a high level of stamina, you could consider working in some cardio exercise into your routine.

boost confidence

  1. Confidence Boost

Women who regularly lift weights have reported feeling increased confidence levels and this is one benefit of weight lifting that we think women in Dubai should get to enjoy. The physical challenge of taking on and overcoming heavy weights probably brings out a bit of positive aggression in most people which appears to continue to influence them in other situtations.


Lifting weights is great for everyone including women in Dubai. Weight lifting is effective when it is done with good technique and without the need to sacrifice good form for leverage. For beginners, it is advisable to have a good personal trainer guide you through the basics.

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