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Seven Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Seven Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Desire to lose weight is within all of us. Depending on your age and the type of work you do; you may not want to lose weight but you for sure would want to be fitter.  For those who actually work towards trying to lose the unwanted fat but for some reason can’t seem to tip the scale, this writeup is for you.  I will go in details as to the reasons you are not losing weight.

Imagine you started working out for few months now


Everything looks the same and you don’t feel good about it.

It won’t be long before you throw in the towel, stop exercising and start eating whatever you want.  Before you do that, let me share why you might not be losing.

Most people will  Trying to lose weight but can’t?

Yeah, I’ve had that problem, too.

There could be numerous reasons your weight just won’t go down, and maybe you’re even gaining some.

Trianer.ae personal trainers have studied nutrition and holistic health for years, and have figured out many different ways in which you can combat that plateau.

Sleep Better : like you never heard this one before

sleep better

It is not secret that during sleep, our bodies heal themselves. We also continue burning calories even when we sleep.

A lack of sleep does just the opposite.

It causes illness, weight gain, stress and more.

Try going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning. Six to eight hours of sleep at night is the average for an adult but you should listen to your body and adjust your sleeping accordingly.

Want to find out how much sleep you need at night?

Here is a simple way to figure it out

Three nights in a row go to bed at the same time each night and allow yourself to wake up naturally in the morning. Don’t stay in bed. Just get up and start your day. The time you wake up on that third day will help you calculate the amount of sleep you need. Just use the amount of sleep you got that night as your needed amount!

Food Intolerance and Sensitivity : after sleep, how your body takes in food is important

Food Intolerance

Certain foods can aid in bloating, like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) and beans.

But there are reasons some other foods, like milk and wheat, can cause bloating and keep you from losing weight. Some food sensitivities can cause even more serious illnesses too.

You can recognize food intolerance and sensitivity if you keep a food journal.

Keep track of the food that make you gassy, upset your stomach and/or cause diarrhea may be ones you have an issue with.

If dairy, wheat products or soy products cause any of these issue try replacing them with comparable foods. There are other grains and other products with calcium out there.

Your Thyroid : yes some of us have thyroid issues


This is universal: Thyroid changes can cause weight gain and weight loss.

Hypothyroidism is a reduction in thyroid gland activity, which slows down your metabolism. This can cause unexplained weight gain. with some people if you increase the intake of  odine in your diet, it may help you.

But make sure to talk to your doctor and have him suggest stuff based on your personal circumstances or WhatsApp us at : +971 55 432 4361 and let one of our dietitian help create a personalise plan just for you.

Stress : the silent fighter who takes you down


Stress is a killer,


it makes you fat.

Stress raises the levels of cortisol in our bodies which adds to the fat around our waists, which then adds to our risk of heart disease.

If stress is a factor in your inability to lose weight there are things you can do. Exercise is one great way to relieve stress.

You heard it right; Fitness releases dopamine, a feel good chemical in our brains. Another way to relieve stress is to meditate, It allows you to be calm, clear your mind and relax.

Lack of Physical Fitness

If you are not moving enough, doing enough and eating a lot. Chances are very high, you will gain weight.

In simple terms, a general lack of physical fitness can cause weight gain.


if you’re still working out and unable to lose weight, or gaining some back, it means that you need to do more.

Our bodies get used to doing the same routines over and over, and sooner or later that routine is no longer enough. Add an extra 15 minutes of cardio, or some extra time on the weights. Switch up your weekly routine so you aren’t doing the same thing every time you exercise.

Doing it Wrong : This is the one that really hurts


You are willing


and ready to lose weight

You start working out and yet you see hardly any results

in almost all cases, this happens because you were not working out right.  You do not understand the right or wrong or you were being trained by someone who may know how to train himself but may not have the qualification nor techniques to train others.

You really need to value you and your health more. It is much easier to proactively be healthy than, when you have no choice.

I have seen this too often.

Someone has an heart attack and has no choice but to live healthier.

No Help : You need someone to help you do it right and hold you accountable

Workout patner

I have seen people spent hours on the internet and felt they wasted their time.

I have also seen people have a cheat day everyday and feel bad

There are people who regret their shopping decision


I never


Met anyone

Who worked out


Said it will waste of time

As matter of fact, totally opposite happens.  When you actually drag yourself to the gym or for any type of exercise, you feel good.

You have the desire, you have the resources, what can you do to make sure you live healthier?

Hire yourself a personal trainer, you will never regret your decisions.  If you really want to do something for yourself or someone you love.

Give them a gift of health.

Give you or someone you love a personal trainer.

Contact us: talk to trainer.ae and let us help you get in the best shape of your life.



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Get in touch with us today, Group fitness classes and one on one personal training available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman, Al Ain or RAK.  Your health is more important than you know.

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