4 Ways Poor Breathing Habits Affect Your Health And Fitness

The vast majority of people, use their mouths for breathing without quite realizing that this process is inefficient and can actually be unhealthy too. Nasal breathing (breathing through the nose) is the preferable way to breathe, with benefits ranging from filtering out toxins and other unhealthy particles, to better absorption of oxygen. For more details on how nasal breathing improves health and fitness, you can read this article:

It is clear that nasal breathing is preferable to breathing through the mouth, but how exactly could breathing through the mouth be bad for health? Read on to find out more:

1. Oxygen is important for the skin


Did you know that your skin requires oxygen to stay healthy and age well? Oxygen stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which helps to keep skin looking healthy. Oxygen also provides some anti-bacterial properties which help to keep your skin healthy.

2. Important for muscles



You might have thought that the fact that you are already huffing and puffing after a few minutes of exercises is an indication that you lack stamina, and while a lack of stamina could really be the reason why you run so inefficiently, you should know that there could be other factors responsible for this. One major, and often ignored reason why people tire quickly while performing cardio, is because of inefficient breathing.

Your muscles depend on oxygen to supply the energy they need to function, and if you are not getting as much of it as you should, they muscles will not function as effectively.

3. Maintains ph levels


The body requires the maintenance of a certain PH level and poor breathing habits will affect this process. Breathing through the mouth will cause the expulsion of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, which the body requires in order to maintain an acidic state which is necessary for its normal functioning.

4. Poor breathing exacerbates health conditions

poor breathing


The mouth was not designed for breathing and when you use it in this way, the process becomes very inefficient. For diseases that affect the circulatory and respiratory systems in particular, poor breathing is likely to worsen their symptoms and effects.


Breathing through your mouth could come with a number of health challenges that could be easily avoided simply by switching to nasal breathing. If you find making this switch hard, you should consider getting some myofunctional training which will help you breath better through your nose.

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