6 Reasons to Breathe Through Your Nose

Breathing through the mouth is the norm for most people and you might never have given this a second thought, but there is considerable evidence that shows that this may be an inefficient way to breathe. Studies have found out that nasal breathing (breathing through the nose) is a much more effective way of obtaining the oxygen your body needs to function, and that it could have numerous further health benefits, some of which are listed below:

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1. Increased Oxygen absorption

Although it makes sense, on a surface level, to think that since the mouth is larger and can take in greater quantities of air, you would be able to absorb more oxygen in this way, the reality is that oxygen is absorbed from the air you breathe while it is on the way out as you exhale, and the nostrils are much better suited for this task, specifically because they are smaller than the mouth and force air to remain in the body longer, thus facilitating greater absorption.

This means that when you breathe through your nostrils, your body will have much more oxygen to support exercise and supply various organs (including the brain) with the energy they need to function.

2. Fat loss


fat loss

The presence of oxygen in the body causes the break-down of fat through the process of oxidation. Fat cells are composed of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, and when these molecules get exposed to oxygen from the air you breathe, they get broken down into water and carbon dioxide, which is then expelled from the body. The more oxygen your body is able to absorb, the greater your fat loss will be.

3. Relieves stress and hypertension

stress relief

As previously stated, nasal breathing forces the body to breathe a little slower which helps people suffering from stress or hypertension to relax better.

4. Filters toxins


Breathing through the nose will help you prevent harmful bacteria and other particles from gain access to your body as the nose is designed with a natural defense system, that includes the tonsils, which are built to neutralize many types of bacteria by producing and secreting nitric acid which is toxic to bacteria.

5. Improves body functioning

body functioning

The olfactory bulbs are receptors that are located in the nostrils, and are directly connected to the hypothalamus in the brain. Breathing through the nose, therefore ensures that the hypothalamus receives a direct supply of oxygen from the nostrils, which help it to better regulate processes such as memory retention, problem solving and analysis.

6. Helps cure snoring


While snoring is not exactly a disease, it can be a very embarrassing condition and makes life inconvenient for people around us. Lots of people spend quite a bit of money on trying to correct this condition but what if you could simply improve on your snoring simply by improving your breathing technique? Experts say this is achievable simply by learning how to breathe right.


Like most people, you are probably used to breathing through your mouth, and you might find it a bit unusual and perhaps even slightly uncomfortable making the transition to nasal breathing; but once your body adjusts, you’ll be set to enjoy the benefits of improve breathing that we’ve talked about in this article.

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