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6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Running

Running is probably one topic that has been done to death on the internet, and by now, you have probably heard all about the amazing health benefits of running, perhaps even on this site. But science continues to uncover more and more reasons why you should go for a run if you want a healthier, happier life.

Did you know that running could protect you from cancer, improve your mental capacity, and make you an all-round, happier and more productive person? Read on to see more reasons running should definitely be a regular part of your life:

1. Makes you smarter


Cardiovascular exercise has documented benefits for improving the performance of the brain. In the hours after exercise, people generally find themselves more alert and increasingly mentally capable due to the post-exercise release of certain hormones such as dopamine. Exercise has also been found to have a long term developmental effect on the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, decision making and problem solving.

While these effects have been known of for quite some time, few people are aware that running frequently could also have some additional benefits for the brain. This is because people who run longer distances are more efficient in the production of a hormone called “estrogen related gamma receptors” that essentially provides a boost of energy to power increased performance in basically all organs of the body, including the brain.

2. Protects you from Cancer


In 2009, a group of scientist from Finland, presented the findings of a research that had studied the lives of 2, 560 men over a period of 17 years. It has always been known that exercise has significant health benefits but the results of this study revealed that men who engaged in moderately intense exercises such as running had a 50% lower likelihood of developing cancer.

3. Helps relieve stress

relieve from stress

Cardiovascular exercise helps relieve stress by stimulating the release of endorphins in the body, which help to relieve pain and improve mood. However, exercises such as running also have an a additional effect at boosting moods, secreting higher amounts of serotonin which help to improve improve mood. Exercise is also believe to help rid the blood of a substance called kynurenine which is accumulated in the body when you feel stressed out—it is also linked with depression.

4. Improves your hearing


You were probably not expecting to read that running could improve your hearing, but it can, and this is one benefit that should be of particular interest to you as you get older.

A study conducted by a scientist named Dr. Paul Loprinzi concluded that women with higher levels of cardiovascular fitness were much more likely to have better hearing at both low and high frequencies, and were 6% more likely to have better hearing than bad hearing.

5. Improves relationships

happy couple running

Research has shown that running could actually help improve your relationships. More driven runners are scientifically thought to have higher sex drives and in men, higher sperm counts.

Also, since runners are usually smarter, and experience consistently brighter moods (thanks to all that dopamine and serotonin), they should make for pleasant company.


By now, we hope you’re convinced that running is an activity that you should incorporate into your daily routine. It might be rather painful and unpleasant at first but once you get the hang of it, you are sure to enjoy the 5 unusual benefits of running that we’ve talked about in this article. For some tips on how to run safely, read this article:

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