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6 Personality Traits That Affect Your Fitness And Weight Loss

Are you currently struggling to lose weight and have no idea why it seems so difficult? There are a lot of factors that influence weight loss and fitness, but have you ever considered that perhaps despite your commitment and dedication to weight loss, your personality might be the reason you’re not making much progress? As far-fetched as this theory sounds, it has been confirmed by research that several personality traits render certain individuals more vulnerable to difficult weight loss while other personality traits increase individuals ability to live fit and healthy.

1. Impulsiveness


Impulsive people are much more likely to struggle with weight loss and achieving fitness targets than other non-impulsive people.  This may be because impulsive people are much more likely to eat random snacks and food items lying around the house.

If you’re impulsive, you can help yourself achieve your fitness goals much more effectively by keeping less unhealthy snacks around your home or office. Also, impulsive people are more likely to quit an exercise plan when the going gets tough and this will of course, affect their weight loss. A good idea for impulsive people struggling to keep up with a fitness plan is to get a workout buddy or hire a fitness trainer.

2. Unstable Moods


Lots of people are emotional eaters and find themselves eating more both when they are happy and sad, or even just bored, regardless of whether or not they are really hungry. If this is you, you’re going to have to learn to recognize your moods and channel your impulses into healthy habits such as exercise, instead of eating.

3. Extroversion


Extroverted, outgoing people are more likely to have poor eating habits and to struggle at weight loss. Studies have shown that outgoing people have a tendency when placed under extreme stress, to develop a habit of comfort eating which has a tendency to be addictive.

Another reason for this might be the simple fact that outgoing people tend to place themselves in a lot of social settings where it they are much more likely to eat unhealthy food and drink alcohol.

4. Conscientiousness

The simple trait of being self-disciplined, has been found to be a significant marker of an individual’s ability to develop healthy eating habits and stay healthy later in life. The reason for this is that highly conscientious people are much more likely to take responsibility for their lives and to stick to a fitness and weight loss plan, once made.

5. Introversion


Introverts are somewhat the opposite to extroverts when it comes to weight loss and fitness, as you would perhaps expect. Studies have shown that people who are more inclined to staying indoors reading a book on a Friday night, are much more likely to make rational decisions concerning their health and fitness, and are also much less likely to have poor eating habits that encourage weight gain.

6. Openness to experience

This personality trait, identifiable by high levels of curiosity and a drive to explore the world, is another strong marker of an individual’s likelihood to have healthy eating habits, and also of their ability to live a healthy life.


People with the first three personality traits are much more likely to struggle during to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. On the other hand, people with the second three personality traits will find it much easier to lose weight an dare in fact, much less likely to develop obesity in the first place.

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