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How To Have A Straight Back?

Improving your back posture may not sound all that important to you but it should. Not getting the right posture may affect your daily life by affecting the functioning of your lungs, spinal cord, heart, and many other vital organs and it is vital for you to know how to maintain a straight posture. In this article, we’ll show you how.

Lie flat on the ground legs up

When you awake from sleep, lie backwards on the floor with your legs on the wall for ten to fifteen minutes. This will straighten your back for a while before you start your day, and consistently doing it every day will get your back used to the straight posture, so that you unconsciously keep that posture throughout the day.

Get a head and shoulder massage

A massage loosens the joints and muscles to adapt to the correct posture especially if you have had that wrong posture for a long time.

Get the right chair

The right chair will be one with a firm and dense cushion with a back running up to your shoulders so you can place them against it.

When sitting on this chair, place your butt on the inside of the chair as this is the proper base for sitting right, as your body will have a support to rest on. Sitting on the middle or front edge of the seat will cause you to lean forward as there is no support for your back.

Get rid of activities that cause bad posture

Activities such as watching television, sleeping on your stomach, or resting your head on a table while sitting on a chair, working in dim light, almost always results in you slouching or bending your back for long periods of time, and you will need to be extra conscious of your posture when engaged in these types of activities.

Practice exercises that strengthen the back

Stretching, yoga, pilates, and exercise balls are all exercises that help strengthen and massage your back as the joints and muscles are made more flexible and the muscles are lengthened.

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