5 Ways to Boost Your Stamina

Whether you are training for the Olympics or running around the house playing with the kids, you need stamina. But if you want to be a heavy weight lifter you need a lot of stamina, try these methods of training to boost your stamina.


Combine strength days with cardio days.

Most people work out with a plan, reserving one day for strength and another day for cardio. Why don’t you combine the two and challenge your body more, like run for a mile as fast as you can or jump rope then do push ups, bench press or squats and repeat. The more you put your body to the test, the more endurance it will gain as time goes on.

Reduce your amount of rest.

If your goal is to boost your stamina, be prepared to sacrifice your rest-time. Instead of taking breaks in between, do most of your reps and sets back to back, take as little of a break as you can. By the end of each set, your muscles should be burning and you should be breathing hard and sweating a lot! Make it the hard stuff like pull-ups, sit-ups and squats.

Choose compound movements over isolation.

If you are going to go hardcore, you need to include all of your muscles and joints, so you should do compound movements that work all of your joints and not movements that work only one joint or muscle a day. Compound movements like squats and step-ups will improve your stamina more so than isolation movements. Choose wisely!

Routine is the enemy.

Routine is boring, and it promotes laziness messing up your stamina in the process. The human body gets used to work out after about two weeks, so if you are always doing cardio for two weeks, it stops challenging and boosting your body. Mix it up to suprise your body, change your routine every week or so.

Add explosive movements to your workout.

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