5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

We’ve all wondered,at some point, how skinny people eat so much and still remain skinny. The answer is fast metabolism. Your metabolism is the multiple chemical and organic processes occurring within an organism necessary for the maintenance of life. These processes create the energy that keep you going by converting the food that you consume into energy. Your rate of metabolism determines how fast your body burns calories, bodily functions and your energy level. So if you’re looking for a faster metabolic rate to shed those pounds faster and enjoy a better quality of life, keep reading!

1.Eat More Protein.


Unlike other nutrients like carbohydrates or fat, proteins contain amino acids which are not easily digested so your body burns more calories trying to break them down. This is known as the thermic effect. Foods like tuna, fish, cheese, yogurt etc contain high amounts of protein that is just what you need for the boost you need.

2.Build more Muscle


Studies have revealed that strength training can rev up your metabolism from 6-7% because it builds more muscle which burns more calories. The muscle mass you have determines the amount of calories you burn and builds more lean muscle mass.

3. Eat more Breakfast

Heavy Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. You’ve probably heard this loads of times. Well now you know the reason. Your metabolism slows down while you sleep and eating a proper breakfast of 400-600 calories will jump-start your system back to life. Breakfast skippers don’t get to burn calories till lunchtime while breakfast get to burn calories from the digestion of their breakfast and as a result, lose more weight.

4. Spice up your Meals

spice up

Research has revealed that spicy food dramatically boosts your metabolic rate.
Cinnamon and hot peppers has been especially recommended to temporarily rev up your resting metabolic rate. This is because spices like that are known to speed up your metabolism by stimulating the body to release adrenaline and other stress hormones. So heat up your menu! A little more hot mustard, wasabi or hot sauce can’t hurt anyone.

5.Rev up your workouts!

Example of cardio exercise

Intensity is the key. Vigorous exercise is the greatest metabolism-booster there is. This burns calories during and after the workout (its known as the After-burn effect). The duration of the after-burn effect is determined by the intensity of the workout.

A sluggish metabolism is quite unhealthy and leads to being overweight or obesity. Follow these tips and reap the long-lasting benefits of a healthier life.

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