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4 Easy Steps to Becoming Fighting Fit!

There’s no doubt soldiers are among the fittest people anywhere in the world. The rigorous and dangerous nature of warfare, simply demands that these guys be at the very top of their game both physically and mentally. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen videos of army or marine boot camp training and probably thought, “Nope, that’s not for me”!! But the truth is you too can be as fit as any special forces soldier if you follow our simple guide.

Fitness is really a matter of combining the right diet and exercise to achieve the best results. So whether you’re just interested in getting fit or you’re actually planning on joining the army, here’s how you can get fighting fit in a matter of weeks.

  1. Run


The single most ubiquitous army exercise everywhere in the world is running and there’s no way to avoid running if you would like to be as fit as a commando. You may not have to run all day the way it seems like most soldiers do; instead you could do high-intensity interval training to get the same or even better results. Higher intensity exercise has been proven to be more effective for weight loss, and fitness, than slow-moderately paced exercise.

To do this, you may run all-out for a minute then rest for a full minute and repeat the cycle over a twenty minute period. Alternatively, you could do suicide runs. With suicide runs, what you do is mark out a distance, perhaps a hundred feet, then mark out smaller distances within this length, at equal distances from each other. Sprint to and fro each of these marks without stopping to rest. Suicide runs are a very effective high-intensity workout.

  1. Work Your Core


Abdominal muscles play an immense part in physical activities. They help to transmit power between the upper and lower body, and also stabilize the body during exercise. To develop good looking abs, the most important thing you need to do is burn belly fat because the surface level abdominal muscles are already fairly developed naturally. To really the develop the abdominal strength of an infantry soldier, though, you will need to do strength exercises such as sit-ups, crunches and or planks. Sit-ups are still the most popular abdominal exercise used in the army.

  1. Push-ups


Just like running, push-ups are extremely ubiquitous; there’s probably not an army in the world that does not use push-ups extensively. Doing push-ups helps to build endurance, strengthen muscles and develop explosive power. Also, push-ups are a compound exercise and effectively work several major muscles and joints at the same time.

  1. Watch Your Diet


If you were just looking to lose weight, we would advise that you cut down on the carbs and load up on protein; but soldiers typically have very high energy requirements and you will need to have a high carbohydrate and fat diet in order to meet this requirement. Eat healthy carbs, such as spaghetti, potatoes and bananas, that are both high in calories and nutrients and food with healthy fat, like avocados, to provide your body with the fats and oils that it needs. A high protein diet is also essential as you will need to supply your muscles with the material that they need to grow and become stronger.


If you follow the tips contained in this simple guide, you are sure to find yourself looking and feeling fighting fit in just a matter of weeks!

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