5 Surefire Ways to Increase Punch Power

For the average person, this may be quite a weird topic, but for the MMA and boxing athletes, it means everything.  Knowing how to throw a proper punch is the first step to learning how to hit with power, and maintain balance and positioning.

It is true that some fighters are naturally more powerful with their hands, but nonetheless, every fighter can increase their punch power following these 5 amazing tips.

#1. Strengthen your legs:

Strengthen your legs

The amateur athlete may shrug this but the experienced fighter knows that true brut power, thrown in a proper punch starts from the legs. They are the foundation of strength and technique.

So if you know this, you should undoubtedly know how important it is to train them. Most people train their legs by running which isn’t bad, but for power, you need anaerobic exercises like cycling, squats, jump ropes, leg lifts and other plyometric exercises (jump training focused on exerting maximum force in short periods of time in order to increase power)

#2. Plant your feet:

 Plant your feet

Don’t be surprised about the emphasis on the leg strength, it does a whole lot for punch power.  When you throw a punch, it is important to keep both feet on the ground to not just maximize your power but ensure you maintain your balance should you swing and miss.

#3. Improve Your Speed:

increase speed

For me, this is the most important attribute a boxer has, speed. It is usually what determines who gets more punches and dodges more as well which usually wins the fight.

They say that speed equals power and this is true to an extent. Why? It is usually the fast punches you don’t see coming that do the most damage. There are many drills to work on speed. Shadow boxing and the speed bag are the two I would highly recommend.

#4. Relax:


This is another very important aspect of fighting. It is almost impossible to get anything done right when you’re not relaxed.  You see, you’re not as effective when you throw so much energy into your punches, staying loose and relaxed will help you stay focused and keep right timing for when to launch in for the kill. It helps your punches flow better, increasing their velocity.

The tension just makes you heavy, you need to relax to allow your body weight to be driven into punches. This is what gives explosive power to many power punchers like Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and George Foreman!! Whose fight style is quintessential to the art of relaxation.

#5. Precision:


It is important to be precise with punches. Even if you can hit harder than Mike Tyson and George Foreman combined, if you’re not accurate, you wouldn’t be effective.

This is particularly hard against a fast-moving opponent with good footwork such as boxing attraction, Floyd Mayweather.  Boxing is a technical sport, and it is important to know that the most effective punches are those thrown to the temple and chin. If you can hit an accurate power punch to any of these areas, the probability of your opponent getting up within the ten counts is 0.


Boxing is a technical sport and like any other of its kind, it skills in different aspects of the sport that makes you ultimately the best. Use these tips to work on your boxing power and I dread for even your sparring partner.

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