Eating Weight Loss

5 Foods to Shred Weight

For people trying to lose extra weight, the question “what foods do I eat?” always arises. As you should know it is impossible to go without food and stay alive and unreasonable to starve yourself of food in order to lose weight.

This article is to help you identify 5 great foods you can eat to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.

#1. Whole eggs:

whole egg

This may be ironic as there have been tales of this food having unwanted cholesterol quantity. Improved research has shown that this is false and on the contrary, they are among the best foods you could eat to lose weight.

Why? They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and can satisfy your hunger with a very low amount of calories. These are very nutrient dense and can help you with all the nutrients you need on a strict calorie diet.

#2. Salmon:


This fish is not just very tasty, but very healthy as well. Like most other oily fish. It is loaded with high-quality protein and healthy fats like whole eggs.

It is also heavily packed with iodine which bolsters the thyroid to keep metabolism running optimally. In fact, research has shown that a lot of humans aren’t getting the right amount of iodine and foods like salmon amongst others have been duly recommended.

#3. Potatoes (boiled):


You may have previously thought that this was just high carb food that wasn’t the healthiest for weight loss but gets ready for a new belief on it.

They have numerous qualities that make them perfect for weight loss and general consumption. Why? They contain a wide range of nutrients constituting a balanced diet almost, in itself. However, they are particularly high in potassium which is excellent for the nervous system and blood pressure control.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more pluses to this food, here comes the fact that it has been rated as one of the most satisfying of foods one can eat when boiled, that is.

Variations of potatoes like sweet potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables are also excellent.

#4. Tuna:


another low-calorie high protein food. It’s lean fish so intrinsically has very small amounts of fat. This is why it is popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes trying to lose or maintain their weight.

For a higher amount of protein, pick tuna canned in water over in oil.

#5. Nuts:


This article would almost be incomplete without it. Despite being relatively high in fats, they aren’t fattening. They’re excellent for snacks containing a balanced amount of proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. In fact, recent research has shown that eating nuts can improve metabolic performance and even lead to weight loss.


These are excellent foods that will not just help you lose weight but will help you live a very healthy life. Add them to your daily diets and just enjoy the weight difference you would see after a few months.

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