Weight Loss

5 Simple Tricks To Avoid Overeating

If you work out all day but some way or the other can’t stop yourself from overeating, then you can’t really reach your weight loss goals because your fat expenditure is still lower than your fat intake.

The truth is that after an exercise, people tend to eat more, probably because they’re tired or maybe they think they’ve earned it. Overeating can be a huge problem for your weight loss mission and that’s why we’ve put together simple tricks to help you avoid eating more than necessary.

Here are 5 simple tips that can greatly lower your chances of overeating.

1. Use a smaller plate

smaller plate

Research has proven that if you use bigger plates to eat your meals, you’ll eat more. So it’s advisable to use a smaller bowl or plate whenever you’re about having a meal. Several research and studies have been done on this and the results still remained constant – the bigger the plate or bowl, the more food you eat.

2. Don’t be a speedy eater


One major reason why people overeat is that they eat their food in a hurry. Our parents always thought as kids to take our time when we eat, but growing up, that table manner just died slowly. Well, even though our parents might not have known why they asked us to eat slowly at the time, they were actually teaching us the right table manner.

When you eat fast, your brain can’t register when you’re full and therefore causes you to just keep eating. Slowing the pace at which you eat also helps your stomach to digest the food you have eaten.

3. Take protein for breakfast

protein breakfast

You can save yourself from overeating by simply having protein for breakfast. Research has shown that people who have protein for breakfast greatly reduced their risk of overeating during lunch. This is simply because protein takes a longer time to digest than other foods. So it fills you up for a longer period of time, helping you deal with cravings.

4. Eat on a blue plate

blue plates

As funny as this may sound, it actually is a true reality. Serving food on a blue bowl or plate will help you eat less, according to a color therapist. They say blue has a calming effect and naturally helps in suppressing your appetite while other colors boost your appetite.

5. Make sure you get enough sleep each night


The human body was naturally designed to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. So not having enough rest can disorganize your body function. When you’ve had enough rest, you hardly make poor dietary choices. You’ll have enough energy, so there won’t be any need looking for sugar or caffeine hits to compensate for fatigue. So it’s important that you always go to bed early, even on weekends.



If you’re in a position where you can’t really stop yourself from overeating, try these 5 simple tricks and you’re sure to see a difference in the amount of food you eat.

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