5 Reasons Why You Should eat Bananas for Weight Loss

There’s no magic food for weight loss and fitness, but bananas do come close. Perhaps when you think of a healthy snack, your mind automatically conjures up images of some whole grain food that probably tastes more like sawdust than a snack, but fruits such as bananas are the perfect delicious, healthy snack. If you’re saying to yourself, “well I already know bananas are delicious but how exactly can eating them help with weight loss”? Read on for answers that might very well surprise you.


  1. Bananas are a healthy carb

The primary goal of any weight loss plan should be reducing the amounts of calories ingested and stored by the body. Most carbohydrates have a very high-calorie content so most people cut them out, from their weight loss diets, completely; but the truth is, your body still needs a healthy supply of carbohydrates. What you should do, instead of cutting carbs out altogether, is eat more healthy carbs which are high in nutrients but low in calories. Bananas are the very embodiment of this rule. Instead of snacking on a chocolate bar or some other “junk food” consider having a banana in between meals.

  1. B-vitamins

Bananas are loaded with a number of vitamins and nutrients, especially B-vitamins. One of the key functions of b-vitamins is to aid in metabolism, so bananas might actually help in speeding your metabolism and helping to burn more calories in this way. A large banana might also contain approximately 500-600mg of potassium which is a mineral that is required in significant amounts of to aid in the maintenance and functioning of important body systems.

  1. Eating Bananas will fill you up

Fibrous foods such as bananas tend to take up a lot of room in the stomach, giving the feeling of being full in between meals which is important because you will have much less inclination to eat in between meals. So if you have a banana or two with each meal, chances are, you will be able to stave off hunger pangs for longer than usual. You might think that if bananas make you feel fuller then they probably have more calories than other foods but, nope; as we’ve already said, bananas are a very low-calorie food.

  1. Bananas can be made into a number of healthy delicious snacks

Frankly if you had to eat the same food every day, you might quickly get tired of it; but what if you could have one food in 4 or five different ways? You could have bananas in a smoothie, in yoghurt, oatmeal, cornflakes and etc. The options are only as limited as your imagination so feel free to experiment with this wonder fruit.

  1. You can eat bananas to energize your workouts

Bananas are packed with easy-to-absorb energy and many athletes have begun substituting their traditional chocolate bars for a banana. One or two bananas before a workout will help energize your workout and keep your blood sugar levels high, without any of the negative side effects that come with other high energy food and drinks such as chocolate or Gatorade.


Don’t expect magic results, but eating bananas will provide your body with healthy carbs, aid in metabolism, provide a number of nutrients and energize your workouts. To top it all, bananas are simply delicious!

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