5 Reasons To Take Up Running If You’re Struggling With Depression

Depression is a severe illness that that affects millions of people all over the world. While for most people who suffer from depression, it is necessary to take some form of medication, you should know that there are actually some simple natural steps you can take to alleviate your condition. One of those is running.

Running has a number of health benefits such as weight loss, improved heart rate, increased stamina, and etc, but not many people know that regular running can have a long term effect on depression.

1. Endorphins

Exercise in general stimulates the release of endorphins which make people feel better in the hours after. In fact, this effect has led to endorphins being known as the body’s “feel good drug”. Cardiovascular exercises such as running are particularly good ways to achieve this effect and if you regularly experience depression, then running is definitely something you should take up seriously.

2. Improves your breathing

Running helps to improve your breath by strengthening the lungs and increasing the amount of oxygen the body is capable of absorbing. Improved breathing capacity on its own will not improve the way your body deals with depression but it will improve your capacity for deep breathing which does have a documented effect at helping people relax.

Deep breathing is simply taking steady, controlled deep breaths through the nose instead of the mouth. This technique is apparently ideal for helping people relax, and improving your lung capacity through running will only enhance this effect.

3. Helps to clear your head

Sometimes, when you’re feeling a bit blue, all you need is to get yourself out of a particular environment and have a change of scenery. Running allows you to do this with ease as you can literally run as far and as wide as you would like, provided of course that you are fit.

The different places, faces and things that you will see while out on your run will provide stimulation for your mind.

4. Fitness bonus

For a lot of people, the source of their depression is a feeling of discontent and low self-esteem due to being or simply thinking of themselves as being overweight. Running has the additional benefit of helping people lose weight and burn calories, which will help you get in shape and boost your self confidence thereby.


Although you will likely need to keep on taking your medication if you suffer from depression, running can significantly help improve your bodies response. There are also a number off other exercises that could be very useful for people struggling with depression and if running is not exactly your cup of tea, then you could try other exercises such as cycling or walking. You could even take up a team sport such as soccer which studies have shown to be even more effective than running for certain fitness goals such as weight loss.

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