7 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Following recent studies, childhood obesity developed much further than anyone could have thought and most of the blame is placed on parents/guardians. This, however, affects them emotionally, physically and socially. To maintain a healthy life, balance is key. Listed below are some ways to prevent childhood obesity.

1. Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition

Parents should make sure healthy eating is a habit even for their children. The kinds of food you give to your child play a great role in their health. You should encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that are high in fats and calories. There should also be a limit to sugar intake.


2. Health education

Health Education

Ignorance makes one go down the wrong path. There’s a need to educate your child on health living and the potential risks of unhealthy living. Don’t simply assume that they won’t understand what you’re talking about.

3. Enough rest

Enough rest

You should make sure your kids get enough rest as this essential for both their health and their growth and development. Healthy sleep lowers the risk of obesity and also stabilizes health.

4. Screen time

Screen time

Your child should not spend more than 2hours on the television screen daily. Keep a check on the time and ensure that too much isn’t spent on watching cartoons and playing games.

5. Physical activities

Physical Activity

Encourage your kids to take up physical activities, either at school or at home. Let them jump around the house and do a lot of sports. They shouldn’t sit at one spot all day, doing nothing.

6. Don’t tease your child about their weight

Don't tease

It doesn’t matter how much your child weighs. You shouldn’t tease him/her with being fat or slender. It can affect their emotional stability and self-esteem. Also, you should not talk about your personal weight challenges in the presence of your kids. It will never be encouraging to them.

7. Lead by example

Lead by example

You cannot lay down principles and expect other to abide by them if you don’t. A reasonable way to keep all the aforementioned tips intact is to lead by example. That way, your child will follow your path and you’d be glad at the results.


You can always prevent your child from being obese and by so doing, protecting their future health.

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