7 Foods To Avoid If You Have Heart Disease

What you ingest on a daily basis has a say on your health. Cardiovascular diseases can occur or worsen as a result of the food you eat.

While some foods will keep you healthy and fit, some others would increase your heart risk and might result in severe heart complications.

Listed below are foods that should be avoided or taken in a minimal quantity:

  1. Deep-fried foods
    Fried foods

Eating deep fried foods, doesn’t only increase your risk of a cardiovascular disease but also exposes you to diabetes. The risk increases with the amount of fried food you consume often over time.

  1. Ice-cream
    Ice cream

Ice-cream happens to be one of the leading causes of coronary artery disease (CAD). This food contains a high-fat milk that is likely to get stored in the coronary artery. This in turn, affects the flow of blood to the heart, thereby resulting to a cardiovascular disease.

  1. Sugar

Sugar contains a lot of calories that increases your death risk from a cardiovascular disease. Diets that contain added sugar should be avoided as much as possible. Examples are: soft drinks, candy, ice-cream, sweetened yoghurt, milk, etc. Risks attached with this are: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and more, which are capable of sending you to an early death bed.

  1. Red meats
    Red meat

Too much intake of red meats will certainly be extremely harmful, due to the high-saturated fat in it. Studies have shown that red meat is strongly linked to heart disease. It stimulates a chemical reaction that in turn, hardens the coronary artery.

  1. Salts

Excess salts in the body attracts water due to the presence of sodium in it. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet helps greatly to reduce your risk of death. Mostly associated with it are stroke and hypertension, resulting in heart failure.

  1. Chips

Chips are a perfect example of a common high fat snack in our world today. It’s one food we can easily grab to eat during short breaks or while in traffic. The fat content in chips gets accumulated overtime, and if taken in excess may eventually lead to several health defects, including cardiovascular disease.


  1. Hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages

These can also be referred to as processed meats. In this case, the body is not just exposed to a cardiovascular disease but to cancer as well. These two risks happen to be the top leading causes of death today. Taking two sausages a day is dramatically harmful for health, compared to someone who rarely takes it.


If a particular kind of food has more adverse effects than benefits, it’s advisable to stop taking it too often. Food is important for daily life but at the same time, it is possible to expose yourselves to danger with what you eat. There should be moderation in every meal ingested.

For a normal individual, the foods listed above should be taken in the right proportion to avoid being exposed to health risks. People who have cardiovascular diseases are advised to quit eating such foods as much as possible.

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