5 Completely Natural Ways to Increase Human Growth Hormone

Human growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the factors responsible for muscle growth and development in the human body; so maximizing its natural production levels will be key to achieving maximal fitness gains from exercise. If you’re anything like most people, though, the name HGH probably brings to mind image’s of some body builder, pumped up on every imaginable steroid. But although HGH can be taken in an artificial form, along with steroids, and is often used in an illegal way by a lot of body builders and weight lifters, your body is perfectly capable of developing incredible amounts of HGH purely through natural processes. Here are 5 easy ways you can maximize your body’s Human Growth Hormone production without taking a single supplement:

  1. Resistance Training

Training Resistance-training

Resistance training, in general, will trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone, but certain exercises such as squats will trigger a much more significant release of HGH. This might be because squats work the three largest muscles in the body—the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and gluteus medial—and are a compound exercise, involving multiple muscles and joints.

  1. HIIT


As a rule, the more intense the exercise/workout, the higher the amount of HGH released. So when you do exercise, you should try to keep the intensity as high as possible. As its name implies, high-intensity interval training is training done at a very high intensity, with frequent but short rest periods in between.

  1. Carb Loading


Why would anyone trying to lose weight want to load up on carbs, you might ask? According to a scientist, John Kiefer, Human Growth Hormone levels can be maximized by eating carbs at carefully timed intervals–usually right after exercise. The reason this works is because carbs tend to end up as glucose in the bloodstream and high glucose levels will trigger the secretion of HGH; so loading up on carbs right after exercise is a smart way to increase your muscle gains.

  1. Sleep


A good, restful night’s sleep can do wonders for your fitness and here’s one of the reasons why: Growth Hormone Levels are particularly high when you sleep, as the body uses this period to repair and rebuild damaged tissues. Instead of simply extending your sleep by an hour or two, you should try to go to bed a bit earlier, as the release of HGH is actually highest during the early hours of the night.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Going off food completely, for a period of time, has been shown to trigger the release of massive amounts of Human Growth Hormone in the body–up to as much as a 2,000% increase from its regular levels. This number is truly astounding and while a 24 hour fast might sound like the most severe form of punishment ever, we think it just might be worth it.


Increasing the levels of Human Growth Hormone your body produces will be one key to developing the fit, athletic looking body you have always wanted. Use these tips and tools we have shown you here, to get your body pumping HGH like never before.

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