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5 benefits of running for weight-loss

Running is a very popular form of exercising. It’s a great way to relieve stress, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and freshen up the skin. Running has endless advantages. Here are some other detailed benefits of running for weight-loss.


1.Running has an after-burn effect.

Scientific research has proven that runners continue to burn calories even after they’ve stopped running. This is known as the after-burn effect. A more official term is “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”. The body burns these calories later due to the increased metabolic rate which causes the body to consume more oxygen post-workout. However, the amount of calories your body burns post-running is determined by the intensity of your run.

2. Running strengthens thigh muscle

Running engages your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles, abductor muscles and hips. This strengthens and tones the thighs. Running also help knees and feet in proper alignment to avoid injuries.

3.Running helps speed up digestion

If you’ve experienced digestion problems (e.g constipation, etc), regular running is the solution. Running, being a cardiovascular exercise, engages the abdominal muscles and strengthens them while stimulating the muscles in the intestine to speed up the process. A faster digestion means faster metabolic rate which means

4.Running sculpts your core muscles

Your core is your powerhouse. A consistently good running technique activates your abdominal muscles, hamstrings, pelvic floor muscles, hips and other deep muscles that make up your core. By activating those muscles, you will be strengthening your core muscles, improving stabilization and balance.

5.Running boosts memory and reduces stress

Running has tons of mental benefits. Cardiovascular workouts
running release feel-good chemicals like endorphine in our brains which create feelings of pure happiness. This gives us the runners’ high ” thing everyone’s talking about.

6.Running Increases endurance and boosts stamina

Endurance is important in exercises, especially cardiovascular workouts. It allows people to work at a certain intensity for an extended amount of time. This will help you get more effective workouts.

7.Running reduces risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Consistent workouts, especially cardio, strengthen the heart which means the heart works more efficiently, pumping blood at a faster pace thereby putting less pressure on your arteries which results in lower blood pressure. Running improves overall circulation in the body which means your muscles to absorb more glucose and insulin levels remain neutral.

8.Running improves your immune system

Studies show that running has some tremendous benefits in terms of resistance to infections in the body. People who do moderately intense workouts have been reported to have fewer sick days on common colds or flu. This is because running boosts our immune system to produce important antibodies in our bone marrow which fight invading bacteria and protect our bodies.

6.Running can increase your bone density.

Running puts stress on your bones, which stimulates the body to produce chemicals which make the bones stronger, increasing the mineral content in your bones, promoting an increase in bone density.


So now you know a few important benefits of running, what are you waiting for? Get to running! And if you’ve already started, crank it up a notch!

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