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3 Weight Loss Myths You Must Know About

Let’s face it, the number one major reason why people begin to work out or go on a diet is to lose weight. Of course there are other reasons like getting physically fit or to improve their health conditions. But all these come secondary to losing weight and looking better. Next time you go to the gym, look around and try asking one or two people the main reason why they come to work out every day. I’m pretty sure over 80 percent will tell you it’s to lose weight or look better.

The problem however is that there are so much misinformation out there that can just lead to people getting discouraged and quitting. Here are 3 most common weight loss myths:

1. You need to count your calorie intake regularly

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The simple truth is that counting how many calories are in every little morsel that you consume can be really frustrating. I mean it’s just too much work. And unfortunately, most weight loss journals online today have made it seem like a necessity. Figuring out how many calories to consume requires that you take into consideration a number of variables such as your age, height, weight, job, workouts, how much muscle mass you carry, how much water you drink, medication your taking, health conditions and more.

At the end of the day, people never get to accurately figure out how much calories they need to consume. And when they find out that they’re aren’t really losing much weight, they end up getting upset and discouraged. Though it’s possible that this may have worked for some people, for most, it has just ended up being a source of discouragement.

So instead of calculating your calorie intake, stick to eating foods that are relatively low in calories like eggs, nuts, beans, legumes and etc.

2. Diet alone is all you need to lose weight

This is another common myth that you hear everywhere. Though it’s true that the most efficient way to lose weight is actually by maintaining a proper diet (because it’s easier to take in less calories than to burn up calories than you eat), exercise is what really keeps pounds off for good.

Exercise not only helps you burn calories but also builds muscle, which takes less space than fat. Muscle tissues also require more calories to sustain them than fat tissues. Therefore, the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest. The hard truth is that if you plan on losing weight, you need exercise as much as you need proper nutrition.

3. You have to strictly stick to cardio exercises

Jogging for a long hours to lose weight is actually a waste of time. Don’t get it wrong, you do need cardio to lose weight of course, but when you do the same movements over and over again for so long, your muscles get tired and this immediately kills your metabolism.

To lose weight, you need to build muscles and the only way you can achieve this is by doing high-intensity exercise and strength training.


These are the 3 most common myths about weight loss. There are so many more out there, so it’s important that you always read the right articles and if you’re confused about something, consult a professional.

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