4 Reasons Why Dubai is a Good Market for Female Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers are in hot demand in Dubai, and it is easy to see why, as nearly every other person here seems to be overweight. The supply of personal trainers does seem to match the demand in terms of volume, but we think there is a significant niche that is still underserved in Dubai. Dubai is still a largely conservative Islamic society and, for all its western-style skyscrapers, fast food outlets and sports cars, a lot of women are not very comfortable with having a male personal trainer. If you are a female personal trainer or fitness instructor, please read on to see why we think Dubai might be the place for you.

Conservative society

Personal Trainer

As we said earlier, Dubai is a significantly conservative Islamic society and many women are not comfortable with a certain level of physical contact with men who are not biologically related to them. This poses a significant challenge for male personal trainers but it is also an opportunity for female personal trainers and if you are one, we encourage you to try Dubai today. For other reasons why fitness training in Dubai could be lucrative, read on.

Large Market

Looking forward to loose weight

The good thing is that even though you might want to primarily target the niche of women who would much rather have a female personal instructor than a male one, you could also find extra work training other groups of people as there are a lot of opportunities for competent, certified fitness trainers in Dubai. From conservative Emiratis to liberal-minded western expatriates, there are a lot of people looking to lose weight and stay in shape so there will be no shortage of opportunities to build a successful fitness training career here.

Dubai has a Weight Problem

weight problems

A lot of people don’t know what to do to get fit and even if they do, many people still find it hard to keep up with a fitness plan and usually rely on their fitness trainer or instructor to help them stay focused and motivated. In Dubai, where most people don’t really go out to exercise much, you will likely find that a lot more people need the services of a fitness instructor and will be willing to pay decent money for someone who can tell them what to do and actually help them do it consistently.

Dubai is an Affluent Society


It’s probably a little stretch of the truth to say that everyone in Dubai is rich but the reality is really not that far off. Oil money has served Dubai quite handsomely and practically every indigenous Emirati is well off and living a comfortable life. This means that there is more disposable income in Dubai for people to channel towards interests and relative luxuries such as fitness training. This is why we keep reiterating that good fitness trainers in Dubai will probably earn a good living and good female fitness instructors, in particular, could do very well here.


Female personal trainers in Dubai who have the appropriate certification and license, are in high demand in Dubai today. If you’re a female personal trainer and would like to acquire a license or need other assistance in making the move to Dubai, kindly contact us as follows:

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