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5 Reasons to Take Boxing classes instead of learning on your own

Boxing can be an exciting sport and we’re pretty sure most people have fantasized, for a moment perhaps, of being the “undefeated heavyweight champion of the world”. But for most people, the fantasy lives and dies in their heads. Perhaps the problem is that boxing is rather notorious for being a violent sport populated by angry, tattooed gangsters and underworld types trying to fight their way into a better life (no thanks to the countless boxing movies that, almost without exception, portray boxers as thugs).

But boxing is a great sport that teaches you to dig down within yourself to reach levels you may not know you are capable of (yes, we’re thinking Rocky), it forces you, quite literally, to face your fears in eyes of an opponent trying to stare you down and could help bring out the competitive edge in you, depending on how you apply yourself. Boxing is also great for health if you do it right, and with the right trainer and equipment, it could be a fun and safe sport. You might be thinking of taking up boxing within the relative safety and comfort of your own home, which is alright, but we think you might enjoy greater benefits if you actually enroll for formal boxing lessons. Here’s why:

Learn proper technique

Boxing Techique

Almost anyone these days can watch a few YouTube classes and automatically become a self-proclaimed boxing expert. The problem with learning how to box from YouTube videos alone is, boxing technique can be almost a science of its own and you will need to be precise in the execution of your technique. If you miss a single component of the technique, you could end up making a fool of yourself when you inevitably try to impress your friends with your knowledge later on.

Disciplined Practice

Disciplined practice with boxing

When learning boxing technique, or anything else in life, you will probably have to do loads and loads of practice before you become an expert. The problem is, if you’re anything like most people, you will probably find repetitive training quite boring and you might find it hard to keep up with the routine on your own. Within a more formal learning environment, however, you would have much more incentive to keep up.

Fitness training


Boxing requires a lot of fitness and in the past it was common practice for boxers to go for long distance runs on a regular basis. Even though training methods are changing, with more trainers preferring to use high-intensity interval training, the goal remains the same and high levels of fitness are required for high performance in boxing. Boxing can be quite intense and involves significant elements of resistance training and cardio which are great for developing strong muscles and burning fat.

Fitness is one of the key benefits anyone can and should reap from taking proper boxing lessons. The disciplined approach to training means that you have little or no room to shirk and within a few weeks you will look and feel great.

Learn controlled aggression

Control Aggression

Boxing is probably the most or one of the most aggressive and competitive sports you could possibly think of but it also has a strong element of discipline and self-control to it. The controlled aggression and competitiveness you might develop from boxing will probably translate to other areas of life as well which is important because people who have learned to compete and to make themselves better than the competition, will have an advantage for survival and success in life.

Meet new people

Meeting New People

You could stay at home, watch a few videos and throw a few punches on your own, or head down to the gym and actually meet new people who share your interest in boxing. Often, lifelong friendships and profitable business connections are formed in this way. Of course, it really boils down to your personality, but we believe that taking up a new hobby is made easier when you have a group of like-minded individuals to learn with.


You’ve got to admit that we’ve made some pretty good points here. If you want to really learn proper boxing technique, get fit and meet new people, taking formal boxing classes is probably the way to go.

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