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4 Foods That Cause Bloating

Bloating is basically that awful swollen, puffy feeling you get after eating. This is probably because you ate too fast or maybe because you ate foods high in a certain kind of fiber that can cause gas to build up in your digestive tract.

Bloating isn’t usually serious, but it came be really discomforting. It’s also true that bloating can be a symptom of a health problem so if it occurs frequently, please speak with your health care provider.

Most foods that cause bloating are not necessarily bad for your health. In fact, most of them are actually healthy high-fiber foods.
Here’s a few common foods that cause bloating:

1. Legumes

Legumes, in general, are high in a fiber called raffinose. Eating them in large amounts can end up resulting in a lot of gas formation and this gas formation is what leads to bloating. Legumes are very nutritious, so taking them off your diet wouldn’t be a wise choice. Instead, to avoid excess gas, start with small portions and slowly build up the amounts you eat.

2. Carbonated beverages

carbonated drinks
Carbonated beverages can make you feel bloated because you’re basically swallowing air when you drink them. They often cause you to feel like belching more often. These drinks have a stronger bloating effect when you drink them too quickly. So if bloating is making you feel uncomfortable, then it would probably be best if you reduced the amount of soft drinks you take. In fact, most of these soft drinks due to their high calorie and sugar content, are actually bad for you in other ways.

3. Dairy products

Dairy products
Milky and dairy products can cause bloating and discomfort, but not to everyone. They usually affect people who are lactose intolerant (the inability to digest lactose). But there are some types of lactose-free milk available for people who have lactose intolerance. It’s important to speak to your doctor first before taking any further step.

4. Whole grains

whole grains
Whole grains are really healthy for you. And because they’re rich in fiber, they’ve also been associated with weight loss for several years now, due to the fact that keep you full for a longer period, regulate your appetite and therefore, help you deal with junk food cravings.

But here’s the thing, they also contain starch. The fiber along with the starch can make you feel bloated, especially if you ate too fast.


If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable because of the bloating feeling, the solution to this problem is rather very simple. All you need to do is to eat slowly whenever you’re eating any of these foods, or any other food that is very high in fiber. And make sure not to overeat no matter how hungry you feel.

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