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4 Exercises That Will Give You More Muscular Arm

Arms are traditionally one of the first parts of the body people try to build up when getting in shape, as they are right out front for everyone to see. And asides that, if you’re on a weight loss, one of the easiest ways people can tell that you’ve lost weight is by looking at your arm. Thus, the more arm muscles you build, the less space you have for fats around the arm area.
There are three major muscle groups that lifters target when exercising the arm: triceps, biceps, and forearms. Of course, your arms are intricately related to other muscle groups in your body as well — notably the chest and back, and even your abs. For that reason, arm exercises will also give those muscles a workout, and build additional resolve in your core.
There are multiple arm exercises out there, but we’ve put together these 4 exercises that have been proven to be more than efficient. Read on!

1. Tricep Pulldown

Tricep Pulldown
One of the best exercises for your triceps muscle is the tricep pulldown. It is also called a tricep pushdown. This exercise only requires a rope and a pulley machine. Once you get these items in place, the next thing you do is to grab the rope attachment and start pulling down.
Make sure that you’re standing straight and letting your arms do all the work. If you don’t feel it in the triceps, then you’re probably not doing it right. Make sure you’re bringing the rope back up slowly and getting full, solid reps in.

2. Hammer Dumbbell Curl

Hammer Dumbbell Curl
Just like its name, it requires the use of curls. And if you’re already used to using curls, then this shouldn’t prove difficult in any sense. The only difference between this exercise and the traditional dumbbell curls is the grip.
Instead of holding the dumbbells horizontally, turn your wrists 90 degrees so that your thumbs are pointing to the ceiling — then pound out the reps. The basic action is that of swinging a hammer, hence the name. Hammer away, and watch your biceps swell.

3. Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups are one of the most common bodybuilding exercises. They’re not just popular but are also one of the best exercises for building up your arm muscles.
Look for a suitable bar that’s strong enough to carry your weight. Hang from it, and pull yourself up. When you start this exercise, it might prove a bit difficult, but with time, your body will get used to it.

4. Dips


Unlike the aforementioned exercises, dips are a relatively simple exercise that does not require any special equipment. All you need to do is to find a place you can do this exercise effectively, and this sometimes might be tricky.
Once you’ve found a place, the procedures involved in this exercise are quite very simple. It just consists of lifting yourself up and down, using your arms.
Dips really work your triceps, along with your chest and abs, and can help strengthen your core.


These are 4 simple exercises that can build up your arm muscles. Why not incorporate them in your daily workout routines and be sure to see any encourageable result with time.

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