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5 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

There are hosts of reasons why some foods need to be cooked before eating, and the fact that they can’t be digested easily is one of them. Some foods require light cooking or steaming to boost their nutritional value while some can be eaten raw. But there are some that are downright dangerous when eaten raw. So read on to learn more about 5 foods that should not be eaten raw, and why.

1. Meat


Aside from it being difficult for our stomach to process and digest a large chunk of meat, raw meat is also full of parasites and bacteria that can kill. It also tastes really awful and unappetizing. So spice it up and cook it properly before eating it, for good health and taste.

2. Chicken


Between the processing plants and supermarket shelves, raw chicken can pick lots and lots of little bugs and dirt that can send you to the hospital if eaten raw. There is no need to wash chicken because cooking it will kill all bacteria while splashing water during washing could infect your whole kitchen.

3. Eggs


Sure, some people eat raw eggs on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean it’s smart.  Some eggs contain salmonella which makes it dangerous to eat raw. This bacteria are mostly found in the yolk and thus, eggs should never be eaten runny either. Take a little time to boil, fry, poach or scramble your eggs for a healthier, tasty meal.

4. Seeds


These you shouldn’t eat at all; forget about cooking them first.  Seeds from apples, mango, pears etc contain chemicals called amygdalin which can make you fall ill. Thankfully, you have to eat whole lots of seeds in order to get sick, but we don’t think you’d want to take any chances with this.

5. Potatoes


Most of the nutrients found in potatoes are in the form of starchy carbohydrates. These can be very difficult to digest and provide little or no nutritional value unless they are cooked. Green potatoes are high in solanine that causes diarrhea, cramping and headaches so if possible, avoid green potatoes entirely. But if not, ensure they are properly cooked before eating them.


A long time ago, humans were capable of eating raw foods safely, but with the passing of time taste levels have increased and other factors that make eating raw food less desirable. Although cooking does erode some amount of nutritional value, this is preferable to picking up some nasty bacteria or another pathogen from your food so to be on the safer side, ensure your meals are properly cooked as much as possible.

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