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3 Post-Workout Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Most people have always have their pre-workout routine planned, but find it difficult having or upholding a post-workout routine, which is actually understandable, taking into consideration the fact that you might be really exhausted after your workout. But the truth is, just like you have your pre-workout routine: you drink enough water, you wear your favorite exercise gear and probably go along with your IPod and watch, you’re also supposed to have a post-workout routine because it’s equally important. Your post-workout routines can ensure proper muscle recovery and muscle growth and there are certain things you can do to compromise this.
Here are some post-workout mistakes you might be making without even realizing:

1. Not having the proper meal

healthy food
Don’t punish yourself with starvation, especially after your workout session. Most people make this terrible mistake and this can be an awful disaster. Always remember that food is fuel and that’s why you need to have a balanced diet to help your body fully recover. It will also help keep your metabolism burning, which can be of great help especially if you’re looking forward to losing weight at the end of the day. So make sure your post-workout meal has the proper balance of carbohydrate, protein, and healthy fats. Avocado or fish sandwich wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all.

2. Rewarding yourself with just any food

There’s always this sense of feeling you get to award yourself for a job well done by just eating the foods you love best, which is most times a not-so-healthy food. Maybe because you feel that you’ve burnt enough calories and so eating just any junk food won’t add much to your weight. This isn’t true. It’s way easier to add up more calories than you think. So Instead of thinking double cheeseburger with fries after your workout session, think healthy eating.

3. Refueling with a sports drink

sport drink
Sometimes we get carried away by the ads we see on television today. We see a popular athlete who after training opens up one these sports drinks and just begins to drink with that satisfying look on his or her face. And so this somehow gets into our heads and we feel that it’s actually very healthy and a necessity to have a sports drink after each workout session.
But you need to understand that sports drinks are usually high in sugar and calories, much higher than what your body has burned. The sugar in the drink will instead be stored as fat, which completely goes against all your efforts in the gym or at home, depending on where you had your workout session.
Instead of sports drinks, try refueling your body with natural foods high in protein.

If you’ve been wondering why you work out so hard and yet you can’t seem to see any results, it’s probably because of these little but mighty mistakes that you’ve never taken notice of.

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