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3 Stretches That Can Instantly Increase Your Speed

When it comes to speed training, most athletes have the mindset that all they need to do is run, run and run some more in order to improve their speed. This is a very wrong concept. It is true that on-field sprints and drills are very important, but they’re certainly not the only way to increase your speed. Your flexibility can greatly impact your running form and stride length, and ultimately a higher degree of flexibility will make you a smoother athlete.
To help you be a faster athlete, here are 3 stretches that, if done accurately, should be able to increase your overall speed.

1. Inch Worm/Donkey Kick combo

Donkey Kick
This is an extremely effective dynamic stretch that targets not only the lower-body muscle groups but also the upper-body muscles that are key to proper running technique. It also helps enhance the range of motion of both upper and lower muscles.
• First thing you do is to assume the push-up position
• With your hands still on the ground, gradually walk on your toes toward your arms while keeping your legs straight (this is the Inchworm portion of the movement).
• Try getting your feet as close to your arms as you can, then pause and hold for two seconds.
• Walk your hands forward till you’re back to the push-up position
• Drive your left knee toward your right elbow, then kick it back and up as high as possible. This is the Donkey Kick portion of the movement. Hold for two seconds before returning to push-up position.
• Repeat the movement with your right leg before repeating the Inchworm.

2. Wall Drives

all drives
How fast you can go is totally dependent on how much force you can put into the ground. Wall Drives work on driving your feet into the ground behind you and driving the opposite knee up. Extending one leg behind you while driving the opposite leg up in front of you is essential to proper running form.
• Extend your arms straight ahead of you to a wall and lean your body at a 45-degree angle.
• Stand on the toes of your right foot and rapidly drive your right knee toward your chest.
• Keep your toes pulled toward your shin and squeeze the opposite glute.
• Your opposite leg should be straight throughout the knee drive.
• Quickly drive your right foot back into the ground behind you while explosively driving your left knee toward your chest.
• Continue to alternate legs until the set is complete.

3. Spiderman Lunge with Hip Lift and Rotation

spiderman lunge
Spider-man lunges are a great stretch on their own, but adding a Hip Lift and Rotation simply makes it better. The combination of these two can help mobilize the upper body and works on the rotational aspect of running.
Speed is not all about the legs, but also involves the upper body. The upper body needs to be mobile to allow the arms to drive back and forth with strength. This drill helps in mobilizing almost every essential part of your body for running.
• Assume the push-up position, drive your right knee to the outside of your right elbow and put your foot firm on the ground. Your left leg should be extended behind you.
• This is the Spider-man Lunge part of the movement.
• Now push your front heel into the ground to push your butt toward the ceiling. This is the Hip Lift portion of the movement. Remain in this position for one second before returning to the Spider-man Lunge.
• Take your right hand off the ground and slowly rotate until it is fully straight above you. Your eyes should follow your hand. This is the Rotation portion of the movement. Hold this position for one second before returning to the Spider-man Lunge position.
• Now Switch Legs.

Always remember that your speed as an athlete is not only dependent on the lower part of your body. Your upper body also counts. So don’t just focus on the lower-body muscles, forgetting the upper-body.

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