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3 Factors That Can Affect Your Psychological Ability To Lose Weight


How does that saying go again? Oh, yeah… What you can’t overcome in your mind, you can’t overcome in the outside world. This is a simple fact really.

The psychological part of a man is actually what makes him what he is. It is what forms his character and the way he thinks and sees things. So anything that affects you psychologically, totally has a lot of influence on your entire personality.

When it comes to weight loss, there are certain factors or things that can actually affecting you psychologically and hence, hinder the while weight loss process.

1.Fake Compliments

Admit it. If you’ve been really working out and dieting for the sole purpose of weight loss you’ve once or twice craved for a compliment. You expect people to obviously see the difference. But you must be very careful about the compliments you get.

Some of these compliments, if they’re really honest can be a source of encourage for you and that’s fine. But then, there are those fake compliments that people give you, probably just to make you feel happy about yourself or some actually do it just to mock you and your efforts.

Seek for more honest opinion and not just mere flattery that affects you negatively in ways that you might not really understand.

2.Fake Weight Loss Testimonies

weight loss

Some of these weight loss testimonies that you see online are actually fake. It’s just a means that some of these companies use to advertise their weight loss products. So never set your targets according to what you saw in that video because at the end of the day, you might end up being disappointed.

This, however, doesn’t mean that all weight loss testimonies are fake. But if they look too good to be true, they most likely aren’t.

3.Weight Loss Supplements

weight loss pills

It isn’t exactly bad adding weight loss supplements to your weight loss plans. But mind you, research has shown that people involuntarily tend to rely on this supplements.

So if you using a weight loss supplement, have it in mind that they can’t replace your workout time in your weight loss program, neither do they give you the freedom to eat whatever you feel like eating. So make sure to keep your daily diet and workout routine in check during the whole weight loss journey.



One of the most important rule about the whole weight loss rule is to learn how to set realistic goals and to always be honest with yourself. It’s when you’re totally honest with yourself that you would be able to know your weaknesses and then adjust accordingly.

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