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Why Women Should Lift Weights

All those myths about getting the structure of a guy when you lift weights are not true. Most women are afraid of looking like a she-hulk when they hit the weights. You want to have a great looking physique but the cardio is just not cutting it for you, because lets face it, the iron is does it better than any other exercise. But lifting weights gives you much more than a good looking body.
Bone health. When you lift weights, your bone density increases and get stronger. Strong bones being a problem as age increases, isn’t it great to know that your bones are strong enough to take on old age? And accidents like falling down won’t cause much harm to you as compared to the one who doesn’t strengthen their bones by lifting weights.

Weight lfting

Ah yes! The calories, don’t we all want to get rid of all the unwanted calories? I know i do. Lifting weights builds your muscles which in turn burns the calories even when you are not exercising. So basically what it does is speed up your metabolism rate and help you lose fat.

Stress relief.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that all exercise relief stress but research has also shown that those who lift weights tend to manage stress better and react better to stressful situations than those who do not. You sleep longer and better and your level of energy just shoots through the roof!


When you lose the calories and gain the muscles, your body begins to take the shape of your muscles and turn into a nice hourglass shape. When you do other exercise, you lose both fat and muscles, which means you’ll lose the curves but weight lifting helps you build and sustain them both and keep those nice curves.


Those moments when you need to move the furniture for decoration or you need to take all those heavy bags full of groceries but you can’t do it yourself because it requires strength so someone has to do it for you or you just don’t do it at all, don’t you wish you were stronger in those moments? It’s just so fulfilling and reward to know that you can lift things yourself without feeling like you got hit by a truck afterwards. Strength training/lifting weights gives you the strength to be independent and get things done on your own.


If you have a body to die for, and you can accomplice any goal you set for yourself in the gym, it boosts your self esteem and makes you feel good about yourself on both the inside and the outside. And once you get that confidence in yourself, you can achieve anything you want to.
Get past all those myths about strength training and give it a try. You won’t regret it!

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