Top 5 Calorie Burning Cardio Exercises

So you’re looking to lose weight and burn some fat but you’re not sure what exercises you should be doing? You’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 5 cardiovascular exercises which will give you the highest calorie burns per 30 minute workout. Even if you’re just looking to keep fit and not necessarily burn fat, these exercises will do the trick. Read on to find out more.


  1. Swimming

We have said a lot about swimming and how this fun activity could be a secret weapon in your weight loss plan. Swimming activates pretty much every major muscle and a lot of minor ones most people don’t even know they have. This makes swimming an extremely intensive cardiovascular exercise which is ideal for burning calories and toning your muscles and you can expect to burn around 500-600 calories per hour, when you swim. You could also raise the intensity of your swimming workout by swimming in more challenging settings such as in an Olympic size swimming pool or in the ocean.

  1. Sprint Intervals

Sprinting is an extremely intensive cardiovascular exercise that will burn tons of calories and increase your overall cardiovascular fitness. In particular, sprint intervals, a high-intensity interval training technique, is particularly effective at achieving this effect and to perform it effectively, you should run all out for a certain time interval with periodic short breaks.

  1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is much harder than it looks and is one exercise that is sure to burn loads of calories. It is quite literally a full body exercise, using literally every muscle in your body from your lower body, through your core to your upper body and even the muscles in your neck. You should be able to burn approximately 400 calories from a moderately intense, 30-minute rock climbing session.

  1. Tabata Training

Tabata training is a fitness technique that is rapidly gaining popularity and a reputation for effectiveness in the fitness world. This technique is not an exercise per se but is used to augment and intensify other exercises. To perform tabata training, you perform an activity at maximum intensity for a 20 second period, followed by rest for a 10 second period, repeatedly, for 4 minutes. Just 4 minutes of tabata training will burn 60 calories so you could choose to extend your tabata training by as many minutes as you like, in order to reach your goal for calorie loss.

  1. Hill workouts

Hill workouts have long been a favorite of many athletes for an obvious reason: going up and down a hill provides a much more intense challenge than working out on a level surface. You can choose to walk, run or ride a bike on hilly terrain and be sure that you’ll burn loads of calories as your muscles work harder to move your body around.


These five exercises are fun and relatively simple to perform and best of all, will provide you with great choices for cardio exercises that will burn hundreds of calories within a half hour of exercise. So, choose the one that suits you best and get going!

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