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3 Reasons Why You Should Actually Not Avoid Sugar Totally


This might be a surprising topic for many, given the fact that so much has been said about the demerits of sugar; but sugar does have it’s benefits too. To state the obvious, sugar is the sweetening substance which gives the taste of sweetness foods in every food that is sweet.

Although it has been proven to have some negative effects on health when consumed in excessive amounts, it has also been proven to have some positive effects if consumed moderately. Read on to find out more:

1. Provides energy

Sugar is good for energy

Sugar provides more energy per gram (four calories) compared to many other foods, and thus could be a quick way to get your much needed energy. This is also buttressed by the fact that sugar does not require much digestion time in the belly.

Athletes and sport stars usually consume large amounts of pure glucose sugar before a game to give them a huge and quick boost of energy.

2. Good for your skin

Sugar good for skinSugar good for skin


Sugar contains properties that are good for your skin and in fact, some types of sugars are used in skin care products. Sugars contain a compound called humectant that helps keep the skin hydrated and moist, and they also contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps keep the skin fresher and young-looking, by speeding up the life cycle of skin cells and producing younger, fresher cells every time.

3. Good for your brain

sugar good for the brain

Although the brain makes up less than three percent of your body weight, it consumes more than half of all the sugars in the body to supply itself with energy.

Sugar is the fuel of the brain, which requires a lot of it because of its size, and complexity. Thus, if there is more sugar for the brain, you will be able to think better and clearer, with improved mental stamina.

Children especially need sugar for their still developing brain, to enable it develop well and function better.


Like everything in life, sugar has it’s positives and negatives. What you need to do is choose the right types of sugars–avoiding ice cream, chocolate, and most types of candy, and eating natural sugars such as those found in fruit, monitor your sugar intake carefully, and make sure that you get regular amounts of exercise.

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