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4 Diet Tips To Prevent Kidney Failure For People With Diabetes

Kidney failure

One of the long-term complications of diabetes is kidney failure and this happens when kidney filters get damaged, because of the high level of glucose in the blood. When the kidney filters are damaged, a protein called albumin, which is very important for healthy living, leaks out of the blood and into the urine, the kidney no longer filters waste and extra fluid from the blood, and this waste builds up and leads to sickness.
One of the major culprits behind kidney disease is diabetes. The medical term for a kidney disease caused by diabetes is “diabetic kidney disease” and this disease affects both kidneys simultaneously. The good news, however, is that kidney failure can be prevented by simply adjusting your lifestyle a little bit. Here are 4 ways to prevent diabetic kidney disease.

1. Eat less sugar and carbohydrates

Less sugar and carbohydrates

Lowering your sugar and carbohydrate intake will go a long way to putting your blood-glucose levels in check. Every diabetic patient must have been told this by their doctor, but if you’re looking for another reason why you should really lower your intake of your favorite ice-cream and chocolate cake, here it is: lowering or avoiding foods with high sugar and carbohydrate content helps you prevent kidney failure.

It is therefore important to try eating more of a low-sugar, low-carb diet. Foods like soft drinks, baked foods, sugary beverages, white bread and other highly processed carbohydrate foods are usually very high in sugar.

2. Eat less salt

Les salt

Reducing the amount of salt you eat helps to reduce your blood pressure. High blood pressure has been discovered to be the chief culprit behind kidney failure and a high level of salt in your system causes high blood pressure. This is simply because salts makes it hard for blood to circulate by constricting your blood vessels. To reduce the risk of developing kidney disease, reduce the amount of salt you take in to a maximum of about 4 grams per day.

3. Eat less protein


Diets high in protein make your kidneys work harder and die quicker. If you’re really concerned about your kidneys’ health, try to cut down on the protein intake, so as to reduce the work load on your kidneys. Try to reduce the quantity of your protein intake to about 40 to 65 grams a day.

Foods high in protein include; cheese, meat, fish, eggs, milk and etc. Also bear in mind that protein is essential for growth, so you shouldn’t eliminate it from your diet completely. What you need is to eat protein in moderation.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol

Smokinh and Alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol will be detrimental to the health of your kidneys’. Smoking not only has an effect on the kidneys, but also the heart and lungs, and increases the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure, the two main causes of kidney diseases.


Contrary to popular belief, the fact that you’re diabetic doesn’t mean that you are bound to develop kidney problems. If you take precautions, listen to your doctor’s advice, and work on your diet, you’re sure to prevent your kidneys from failing.

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