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Three reasons why you should avoid sugar

There are very many different types of sugars, which are monosaccharaides consisting of glucose (blood sugar), fructose (fruit sugar) and galactose (milk sugar); disaccharides consisting of sucrose (table sugar), lactose and maltose; and polysaccharides consisting of starch and cellulose; That are either naturally acquired from plants and honey or produced synthetically or artificially in the lab.

Although they have the advantage of sweetening our foods, they have also been proven to have adverse effects on our health, and are contained in most snacks and junk foods, causing many to call for world wide regulation of junk foods.


1. Sugar makes you gain weight

When excess sugar is consumed, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin ,to convert excess calories in the blood into fats for storage, which consequently adds more weight to the individual. Therefore the higher the sugar intake, the more insulin is released form the pancreas into the blood and the more fat is formed.

2. Sugar inhibits the immune system

When insulin released by the pancreas becomes very high, the release of the human growth hormone which aids the immune system is reduced which means your body is less able to deal with pathogens.

Also high levels of sugar impairs the main component of your immune system which are the T-cells which engage pathogens that invade the body and destroys them. Sugar turns these t-cells off for a period of hours to a day; and sugar in a can of soda can switch off your immune system for an hour, during which, your body will be literally defenseless and allow even minute levels of pathogens in your system (which would have been dealt with under normal conditions), to cause great harm.

3. Sugar can cause diabetes

This is common knowledge proven by numerous studies that diabetes, a disease caused by incredibly high levels of glucose sugar in the blood is more likely to happen when you consume more sugar.

So to recap, sugar is good just as long you do not take it in excessive amounts; which can otherwise lead to diabetes, an impaired immune system and you pitting on weight.

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