Three reasons why alcohol is not good for you

Alcohol abuse is a major problem around the world today, responsible for millions of deaths, directly and indirectly, and many more injuries incidents and accidents.

It is a substance that was discovered in ancient times by fermentation of grapes into wine and is a component of most beverages today.

Alcohol induces a feeling of being high.

Alcohol can be easily abused by taking in excessive amounts all at once, but it is generally safe if the right amount is taken the right way.

The recommended amount of alcohol to drink for men is between three to four units a day (which is a pint and a half of beer), and between two to three units of beer (which is a pint of beer) for women. Pregnant women or those trying to conceive should not drink alcohol at all.



1. It affects our Immune system

Alcohol causes nutrients which are vital for cell regeneration not to be digested properly and quickly so the immune system cannot make enough new cells and repairs to fight an infection. It also hampers the actions of certain white blood cells in our immune system called killer white cells who destroy pathogens in our body and deal with cancer cells.

As a result, drinkers are more susceptible to illnesses such as cancers and this is why regular drinkers catch colds and flus more frequently than others.

2. Reduces reaction times and attention span

Alcohol clouds your mind and judgement so that you are not able to think properly and clearly. It also reduces our alertness and increases the amount of time we take to process an information in order to respond to it. This can be fatal in certain situations where you do not have the luxury of time to think much about it but rather need to react instinctively and instantly.

In many cases, the failure to do this results in death, such as in road accidents and indeed very tragic ones like the famous death of Princess Diana where it is alleged her driver was drunk.

3. Disrupts natural sleep patterns

When we sleep, we start at the first stage called the rapid eye movement or REM then into the deep phase and then back again to REM over and over again. But with alcohol in your system, the first REM stage of sleep is skipped right into the deep phase. The repeated cycles of REM and deep phase is also reduced to only three or four making the sleep shorter. That is why drinkers usually wake up just a few hours after going to bed.

The repair work which the body does in the deep phase of sleep is also inhibited by the presence of alcohol in the body.

So you should avoid alcohol since it is not an essential food or nutrient the body needs or take it in very small amounts.

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