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Three harmful effects of Stress on our health

Stress is part of our everyday lives. It is as a result of our minds and our bodies being overworked; our minds and bodies usually reacts to this workload in the form of stress; a way for the body to ‘let out steam.’

It is also a natural phenomenon that has evolved over millions of years in man, to protect us from danger; a state in which the body is in a heightened state of alert to defend itself. As a result, stress is called the ‘flight or fight’ response. Some Symptoms of stress are fear, anger and anxiety.

Although stress is a natural phenomenon, and it indeed has some benefits, it also has some harmful and very destructive effects to our bodily, emotional and mental well-being and over long period of time, is more harmful than it is beneficial.

It is generally advised to avoid being stressed meaning that you do not get yourself worked up over everything, always try to be in a happy and joyful mood, and keeping a cool head on you.

Do not allow yourself to become easily annoyed, angered or sad because all these could lead to stress.stress

1. Stress can make you fat

When you are under stress, you tend to eat more; you suddenly become hungry and grab whatever you can, to put into your mouth, Thereby adding more fats your body and increasing your weight.

A hormone called cortisol is released when you are under stress primarily raise blood pressure and blood sugar so that you can run or fight when facing danger. But this hormone also triggers hunger pangs so you eat more when you are under stress.

This cortisol has also been proven to have a direct effect on fat tissues as well, increasing their size so you have a greater store in your body.

2. Stress can cause heart attacks

Heart attack is when the heart stops beating momentarily or over a longer period, or if the heart is malfunctioning and not working the way it should.

When you are under stress, numerous hormones are released into the blood and the body to stimulate different organs to prepare you for action if the need arises. These hormones compresses blood vessels and stimulate the heart to pump more blood to different organs through already constricted blood vessels. This action repeated many times over a life time damages heart muscles and can lead to heart muscle failure and a heart attack.

3. Stress causes you to have sleep disorders

Because of the hormones released during stress, the body is in a hyper state of alertness; so if you are stressed close to your bedtime, because of these hormones, you will find it very difficult to sleep. This is why when you are stressed, you usually cannot sleep easily and quickly.

Also because these hormones are not immediately broken down even after you are stressed but linger in the blood for quite a while, their effects continue; so even if you were stressed a long time before your bedtime you will not be able to sleep easily afterwards.

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