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The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Running

Running is an exercise that has immense benefits for weight loss and fitness, and it is no surprise that for many people worldwide, this is the go-to option for fitness. The benefits to be had from running are enormous but if done wrong, it is possible to miss out on these and even run the risk of possibly getting injured.


Luckily, lots of people have learned from experience what not to do when running, and all you have to do is read through this article to see the top 5 mistakes most people make with running, and how you can avoid them.

1. Forgetting to Stretch


Yes, when you wake up in the morning, you might feel like superman and you might be absolutely rearing to get out there and pound the pavement but don’t do it until you stretch. Stretching properly helps your muscles get prepared for exercise which will both help you run better and prevent lots of those niggly little injuries that many runners have fallen prey to.

2. Taking longer strides


If you’re running a 100 meter race, then taking longer strides is a great idea; however, since you’re most likely got aiming for this type of running, shorter strides are a better bet. This is because over longer distances, shorter strides will enable you run more efficiently.

3. Going all out too soon


If you’re running for fitness or weight loss, then you don’t really have to go all out at the same intensity a professional would, especially if your muscles are not yet in the right condition to deal with the increased effort.

Once you’ve become comfortable running at a certain level, it is natural to want to increase the challenge and you could either choose to run for longer distances at a slower pace, or choose to run at a faster pace over a short distance. Going for both at the same time, however, is a recipe for picking up an injury.

4. Footwear


Getting the right footwear is an essential step for running. You might think that you could just put on any old pair of sneakers that you have got lying around your room, and get on with your morning run; but, science has shown that people have different feet and body types and not all shoes will fit everyone the same way.

Getting the right pair of shoes is one important step you can take to avoid picking up unnecessary injuries from running.

5. Stay hydrated

Drink water

Staying hydrated means drinking more than the half of glass of water most people tend to drink in the mornings. You will need to drink at least two glasses of water prior to running, for obvious reasons: your muscles are filled with water in their relaxed stated but when you exercises, much of this water is lost through sweat and thus your muscle performance would drop significantly. Staying hydrated with 2 glasses of water can help improve performance on the other hand.

6. Letting your head move


Your head is actually heavier than you might imagine and letting it move from side to side when you run will quickly drain you of energy, without you realizing that it isn’t because you lack stamina. The ideal head posture is with your head held upright and looking straight ahead. Also remember to keep your arms steady as well.


Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the six basic mistakes a lot of people make in running, all you have to do is follow these tips and get out there and run all you want.

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