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The Top 5 Dance Moves To Try For Weight Loss

Weight loss can be challenging at the best of times, and outright difficult at other times, and you can’t be blamed if you simply don’t have the time to devote to working out or you’ve run out of enthusiasm after your first week of going to the gym. Before you give up completely though, you should read this article.

Did you know you could lose weight simply by dancing? In fact, some dance moves are capable of burning upwards of 440 calories in just one hour, which is comparable to the amount of calories burned in an hour of jogging.

You can’t just go out and do just any dance though, you’ve got to choose one that is intensive enough to yield the desired level of calorie burns, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 dance moves that will achieve this effect. Read on to find out more!

1. Zumba


Unlike most of the other dance moves on this list, Zumba isn’t actually a dance. In fact, it is more of an exercise technique, performed to high tempo Latin music. The moves are fast and involve all major limbs in the body and you will you get a full body workout by the time you are done. You’ll also have had a whole lot of fun.

2. Salsa


Salsa is a very sensual Cuban dance that has been called “the dance of passion”, partly for its sensually passionate moves and perhaps partly for the high intensity that it requires. Though it is usually performed with partners of the opposite sex, it can also be performed alone, so you have no need to worry about staying appropriate and decent. Because of the usually high tempo at which salsa must be performed, it is an excellent choice of a dance for weight loss.

3. Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

If you’ve ever tried some belly dancing or have watched other people do it, then you know that this dance could provide an excellent workout when done for long enough and at a high enough intensity. Obviously, belly dancing involves a lot of twisting and turning which will provide an excellent abdominal workout, but according to the American Council on Exercise, belly dancing could also help improve posture, and tone the arms, legs and back significantly.

4. Samba


Among the many things Brazil is famous for, this highly energetic dance style has been a favorite for many weight watchers and fitness trainers for years and if you prefer something a little less sensual than some of the other dances on this list, such as Belly Dancing or Salsa, then you could try Samba. With Samba, you can expect to do a lot of leaping, twisting and turning at a very high pace, all of which will lead to you burning calories, and strengthening your abdominal and lower body muscles tremendously.

5. Improvise


Create your own dance moves! All you have to do is turn the music up and have some fun moving your body; just remember to make sure you keep the tempo as high as you can.


There you go: 5 easy ways to lose weight and yet have some fun while at it! Spend sometime indoors dancing to your favorite tunes, and you’ll be surprised at what the outcome would be within a few weeks.

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