6 Ways To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a condition where excess body fat affects a child’s health or well-being, negatively. Studies so far has shown how rampant childhood obesity has gone, and if not taken into consideration soon, might become worse. Most times, the blame is kept on the parents and guardians and the affected children are also likely to be disturbed emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially. Childhood obesity, however, can be prevented.

Below are some ways by which we can reduce the rate of childhood obesity in our world today.

1. Encourage healthy nutrition

 healthy nutrition

Children are, most times, open to junk foods and many of them hardly eat healthy meals. The kind of food these children eat, plays a great role in their health. Healthy nutrition should be encouraged, and foods with high content of fats and calories should be avoided as much as possible. They are required to eat more of fruits and vegetables, food rich in fibers, and some other nutritious meals.

2. Promote health education

health education

Most parents and guidance fail to educate their children about health and its importance. Most times, we feel they should have learnt them in schools but it is not always the case, as they are required to know much more than you think they should. They should know why they shouldn’t take more than a particular amount of ice-cream in a day and why too many doughnuts might be risky.

3. Allow enough rest

enough rest

A healthy sleep promotes good health. While we rest, the body system tends to work more effectively, and breaks down unwanted substances in the body. That way, the risk of accumulating much fats in the body is reduced.

4. Limit screen time

Limit screen time

In this case, discipline is required. Children are always attracted by the screen, and many of them can barely do without it in a day. It is good, especially if what they are watching is educational, but there should always be a limit. Your child shouldn’t sit in front of the television the whole day. Such child would tend to become lazy and the body metabolism might be slowed down. Two hours is enough time for a child to spend with the television in a day.

5. Allow physical activities

physical activities

We should always understand that the life of a child is totally different from that of an adult. They should be allowed to jump around and play. Allow them to engage in physical activities; let them work themselves out, rather than sitting on a spot all day. This will not only make them active, but also help to burn down calories and fats in the body.

6. Don’t tease your child with his/her weight

 Don’t tease

This is where some adults go wrong. It seems rather discouraging when a child is mocked with his or her weight and size. You are likely to worsen the problem of such child. Don’t mock your child about being too fat or bigger than you can handle. The child might lose emotional stability and self-esteem. Also, you shouldn’t talk about your personal weight challenges in the presence of your child/children. That won’t be a better way to encourage them, as you could be doing otherwise.


It is always best to treat obesity in childhood, than allowing such child to grow into an adult with it. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and such child is likely to have a lesser death span. You might be doing the greatest thing ever by protecting that child from obesity.

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