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4 of The Best Gym Machines to Help Loss Weight

The gym is one of the most important arenas for effective weight loss. With dedication and time, one can benefit from his or her spent time in the gym. Most of the equipment you find in a gym are cardio machines, which are very vital for weight loss. The best gym equipment for weight loss always come with a calorie counter, which gives instant information regarding the number of calories you’ve burnt during your workout sessions. To see a faster result in your quest for weight loss, try using these 4 machines regularly.

The Treadmill


A staple at most gyms, treadmills are popular for a number of good reasons: Firstly, they accommodate almost any fitness level and goal. If weight loss is on your list, working out on a treadmill should be too. Secondly, they offer a well­ rounded means of workout that involves your whole body. And thirdly, It can help you burn considerable numbers of calories as it offers you multiple speed levels to contend with and even provides you the calorie zapping incline as well.

Calories burnt: A walk on the treadmill will burn around 300­-400 calories per hour.However, you burn around 600­1200 calories per hour while running since it is a complete workout for the body.

Group cycling bike

cycling bike

Most gyms have stationary bikes, but the best ones for revving up weight loss are often found in the group exercise studio – whether you ride them as part of a class or cycle solo. Group cycling bike is among the best gym equipment for weight loss. There are a number of adjustment options available that the rider could use to regulate the bike to his taste. This makes the group cycling bike a much comfortable machine to exercise on. One of the benefits of this bike is that it helps you exercise more. Since it involves a group of other people, it encourages you to want to go that extra mind, cause you want to be the first to give up.

Calories burnt: You can burn up to 500-­1000 calories per hour while using the bike. However, you will have to do it correctly if you want to achieve this calorie burn rate.

Indo­-Row Rowing Machine


Rowing machines have made a comeback lately. It mimics the actual rowing exercise and takes the body through a challenging range of motion which burns calories pretty quickly.

Calories burnt: The rowing machine offers a great upper and lower body cardiovascular workout and can thus help you in burning about 1000 calories per hour.

Step-mill by Stair-master


This machine stimulates climbing stairs – except that the steps actually move. One reason it works so well for weight loss is the potential for calorie burn – you could climb the equivalent of 10 or 20 flights of stairs.

Calories burnt: It will offer you the chance to burn around 400-­500 calories per hour.


Next time you visit the gym, be sure to spend more of your time with these four machines. The result after a while would definitely be worth your while.

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