3 ways stress can improve your perfomance

Although we constantly hear about the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, it is important to remember that stress is still important for our daily existence. Therefore, whilst we daily try to control our stress levels, it is important to remember that control is not the same as eradication and that all our measures should be aimed at bringing stress down to a “moderate” level. Meaning, a level at which it is sufficient to improve our performance without being enough to harm our mind, body and loved ones.Some of the ways stress at the right level is able improve our performance is by;

1. Increasing our Alertness


Stress hormones activate the “fight and flee” response.Naturally when a man or even an animal feels as though they are in danger and this response is activated, their ability to pick out the different smells, sounds and movement increases.Meaning, the brain in an attempt to protect from any harm becomes more attuned to the various changes around you.Experts have shown that this mechanism whilst occurring in moderate levels of stress is beneficial to our performance physically and mentally because we are able to pick out things we previously are oblivious t, when stress is totally absent.

2. Boost your Memory


One hindrance to exceptional performance in most people is forgetfulness. Stress in moderate amounts makes the brain react to whatever perceived “danger” it is facing by stimulating the production of the stress hormones. These stress hormones, in an attempt to help the brain deal with this“perceived danger” triggers retrieval of memories, especially memories of how the individual dealt with similar cases. Retrieval of useful memories will help us perform better both mentally and physically on a daily basis.

3. Increasing Resilience


Dealing with moderate stress over short periods of time, would help your brain build resilience against further stress. Although chronic and severe stress has the ability to totally destroy your mind’s defences, stress in the right levels and for short periods of time are actually protective against further stress. By reminding you of how you have overcome similar situations or even worse situations, for a short period of time, stress gives you the boost you need to overcome current stressful situations. In addition, when stress lasts for short periods of time, you have the opportunity to actually have victories.These victories over time also help you continue even when it feels as though it is too much.


The beneficial effects of stress are only present when stress is in moderate amounts for also a short period of time. Therefore, in dealing with stress caution need always be exercised

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